How to judge whether the plastic box is a special box f…

The plastic box has 1-7 security levels, which are marked in the triangular arrow box at the bottom of the plastic box. The heat resistance and function of each safety grade plastic are also different. The number in the triangle arrow box is 5, which can be used as a microwave lunch box. Will plast

Open sand blaster using steps

The open sand blasting machine is widely used in the surface derusting and appearance strengthening of steel structures in industries such as machinery, ships, bridges, railways, oil pipelines, boilers and ports, etc., as well as external sculptures and sprays of leather, clothing, glass, stone, etc

Progress in Chemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide in Ch…

CO2 is a major greenhouse gas, and it is also a cheap and abundant C1 resource. Therefore, it is of great significance to convert CO2 into high value-added chemicals. Due to the high thermodynamic stability and chemical inertness of CO2, how to achieve chemical transformation un

Yangzhou University Students Invented Smart Manholes to…

Science and technology trends have Suzhou and Hangzhou under heaven, and Yangzhou is located on the edge of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province. As a typical southern city, Yangzhou City, like many southern cities, faces the turmoil of the rainy season every year. For a city, the continuous

Micro "nano generator" is 5 mm wide and 2 mm …

At present, scientists have successfully implanted "nano generators" into experimental mice and obtained current from the heartbeat of mice. Responsible for this research is a research team led by Wang Zhonglin of the California Institute of Technology, who believes

Appreciation of 4 bathroom creative partitions

In home decoration design, the use of shelves is becoming more and more popular. A variety of shelves can be used as storage tools for kitchen dishes, CD racks for living rooms, fan-shaped shelves for corners, bookshelfs for bedroom headboards. And other practical tools can also be a beautiful orn

Remind you of PVC flooring construction please note

We chose pvc Flooring, which is fancy pvc flooring color gorgeous, flat and beautiful, easy to manage, affordable, but if the construction method is improper or the construction team lack of experience, resulting in less than the expected overall effect, very annoying . Henan Star Building Materials