Harbin iron processing precautions

Harbin Shunxin Metal Decoration Harbin Shunxin Metal Decoration is a Heilongjiang Tongmen Iron Enterprise specializing in the design, production and installation of indoor and outdoor wrought iron products. It specializes in the design and manufacture of bronze doors, wrought iron gates, wrought i

Qingdao seat belt service quality and durability

A construction harness is a safety device that prevents falling from a height. When the height exceeds 1.5m, you must use a seat belt when there are no other measures to prevent falling. The principle of use is: high hanging low. In the past, seat belts were made of leather, canvas or chemical fi

Daily maintenance of beater mixing tank

1. Before using the mixing tank , the tank should be washed with fresh water and then steamed. All kinds of materials enter the tank from the material pipe fixed on the tank lid, or the open tank lid is poured. The input material should not be packed too full, so as to avoid spillage when the mate

Cement flue machine operation requirements when using -…

Cement flue machine operation requirements when using -wj Xincheng flue machine has low noise, fast forming, easy demoulding, low labor intensity, good internal sealing of the mold, various special-shaped molds can produce design drawings on site, spring elastic coefficient, equipment material an

310S stainless steel round steel debt pressure is on th…

310S stainless steel round steel supply and demand imbalance enterprise debt pressure is on the rise Due to the imbalance between supply and demand of 310S stainless steel round steel industry, iron ore is difficult to get rid of external dependence, 310S stainless steel round steel pressure rema

Reasons for using titanium dioxide in the ink industry

Titanium dioxide is divided into anatase titanium dioxide and rutile titanium dioxide, which are the treasures of paint, paint, ink and other industries. With titanium white paint, paint, ink, etc., you can have beautiful color and good hiding performance. Let's take a look at the purpose of u

Application areas of peek materials

PEEK rod, PEEK board, PEEK material machinery industry application: Because PEEK has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance, many international and domestic equipment parts, such as bearings, piston rings, reciprocating gas compressor valves, etc