European mold show 2015

Exhibition time: September 22 - September 25, 2015 Venue: Düsseldorf Holding period: one year Organizers: Germany Düsseldorf Exhibition introduction: The "EuroMold and TurnTec" exhibition organized by the German DEMAT is held every year. It is one of the large and professional

What are the new building materials prices for new buil…

In recent years, the development of real estate has also promoted the development of building materials. In addition to the traditional building materials in the market, more new building materials are available on the market. Due to its many excellent features, not only the housing function has b

Ten brand tap faucet top ten brand rankings

The faucet is an essential item in the decoration. The influence of the faucet is great. It not only affects the size of the water flow, but also affects whether the water resource will be wasted, so when we purchase the faucet brand Must look at the brand, we must pay attention to product quality

Breaking Salt Lake Brine for Key Technology of Industri…

“This breakthrough in technology will greatly increase the level of battery-grade lithium carbonate produced in China's salt lake brines and focus on solving the application of lithium carbonate in lithium batteries, thereby effectively promoting th

How to choose the size of the dining chair?

When choosing restaurant furniture , don't pay attention to materials and manufacturing methods. The size of the dining chair is also important. Today, the furniture network Xiaobian will tell you about the size of the dining chair, how to choose the size of the dining cha

What are the faucet wholesale prices in the faucet whol…

Nowadays, the status of taps in the building materials market has risen with the real estate industry's rising significance. Now, as long as we go to the building materials market, we will certainly see a variety of faucets. Next Xiaobian inventory faucet wholesale market and how to tap what t

Multi-stage centrifugal pump structure

Multi-stage centrifugal pump is mainly to achieve more than two pumps together, formed by a series of multi-stage centrifugal pump, multi-stage centrifugal pump is to increase the maximum value of the set pressure. The understanding of multistage centrifugal pump structure not only can improve the