The Impact of Safe Campus Construction on the Security Market

The Impact of Safe Campus Construction on the Security Market At present, domestic campus security is in its infancy. Apart from most kindergartens that have security systems, other types of schools, such as junior high schools, high schools, technical schools, and universities, have few systems for monitoring and security. Some three or four-line cities do not have security at all. system. The campus security system is also a rigid policy requirement of the Ministry of Education, which gives investors many investment opportunities. The large-scale market demand of the school will activate the development of the security industry. In the future, the security market will enter a high-speed development period dominated by public security.

At present, the remote security monitoring system has the largest market demand, and at least 30% of the kindergarten market in first-tier cities is at a disadvantage. In addition, the panoramic monitor is also one of the products with a large demand. It can not only be used to ensure the safety of children, but also Students can also supervise student exams during large-scale exams.

According to the different conditions of the schools (kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, and universities) and the economic conditions and scale of each school, the investment in security project funds is not the same. In general, the amount of investment required for kindergarten security projects ranges from 50,000 to 200,000, primary and secondary schools are 10-50 million, and colleges and universities have 200-500 million, and some colleges and universities even have tens of millions. Taking colleges and universities as an example, if the campus covers an area of ​​3,000-4,000 mu, there are tens of thousands of students and faculty in the school. Generally, there are two universities with more than two campuses, with about 200-300 monitoring points and 80-point warning points. 150 points, burglar alarm network center has 50-80 users. Like this comprehensive type of security project for colleges and universities, the amount of investment required for security systems is approximately 4 million. Only Guangdong Province, the campus security monitoring coverage is only 60%, the market gap up to 100,000 sets of security equipment, which also triggered a chain reaction in other provinces and cities. It is understood that Guangdong Province is a major province in the production and application of domestic security equipment. Its campus security system coverage has just reached 60%, and other cities have a bigger market gap. At the beginning stage of campus security, product demand was strong. With the campus security being on the agenda, the construction of the safe campus also became a development trend.

According to industry forecasts, according to the number of schools announced by the Ministry of Education in 2012, the lowest potential demand for campus security products in China reached 49.8 billion yuan, and the highest level can reach 229.7 billion yuan. Frequent campus security incidents have sounded the alarm for campus safety construction. This requires campus parties and government agencies to pay full attention. Campus security construction is extremely urgent. It requires the joint efforts of governments and enterprises to jointly build a safe campus.

The fiery market has led to the polarization of security product quality. Over the past few years, with the implementation of national large-scale monitoring projects such as the “Safe City” and “Safe Campus” and the rapid development of the urban economy, the national security industry has also resorted to this “spring breeze” quickly. Developed. In this situation, security products are moving toward high-definition, intelligence, networking, and systemization. However, there are still some problems that must be solved.

First, technological innovation is fast, and the security industry is gradually showing the development of four networks. With the further development of the codec technology and the widening of bandwidth resources of public security networks, the clarity of its images and sounds will no longer be a problem. Therefore, it can be expected that the comprehensive advancement of the analog surveillance era to the digital surveillance era will be the direction of the future monitoring industry. The digital-based “codec monitoring platform” has obvious advantages in terms of networking flexibility and scalability in the future of smart applications such as mobile, portable, and public security departments. Digital video surveillance technology will become more and more popular in the construction of social security monitoring. Digital processing will run through all aspects of system transmission, control, and storage.

High-definition With the greatly improved performance of digital image capture, the display capability of the terminal has also been correspondingly improved. In the future, the image quality of video surveillance will reach the level of high-definition television, greatly ensuring the clarity of the images in the campus video surveillance network. High-definition is the goal that security surveillance has been chasing. Especially for public security, transportation, law and order, and the financial sector, HD is even more important. HD can provide better image clarity, smoother images, a wider browsing experience, and more precise smart applications, so HD is an inevitable trend.

It has become an inevitable trend for campus security construction to intelligently establish an emergency linkage system with unified command, high-efficiency mobility, coordinated linkage, and intelligent management. The focus of the future security platform construction will not only be on the development of the monitoring business, but more importantly, it will be able to detect the police situation through monitoring, prevent the police, and handle the police situation. It can adopt intelligent video processing such as face recognition and license plate recognition to realize the pre-judgment of the police, and comprehensively apply communication technology, geographic information technology, and satellite positioning technology to achieve intelligent management of unified alarming, rapid positioning, rapid response and business linkage.

There are two key points for systematically building a safe campus. One is the coverage of monitoring points and the other is the application. Applications include command and dispatch, GIS integration, video alarms, police linkage, and more. However, at present, the systems of campus security projects in most regions are still in a state of independent work and disconnection. It takes a certain period of time for the integrated applications to be realized. However, through the highly integrated system, the system structure can be optimized, the difficulty of system deployment can be reduced, and the management and maintenance costs can be reduced. The various subsystems can work together and play a significant role in city and campus management.

Second, low quality and shoddy products flooding the market homogeneity seriously China's security industry started relatively late, but the rapid development. Many security companies used to do home appliances, electronics, and cottage mobile phones. Everyone saw the security industry's market prospects and they all swarmed into the industry. As the current domestic market economy is not yet perfect, and the lack of a corresponding market supervision mechanism, resulting in the current security market low quality and shoddy products flood the market, consumers have no place to safeguard their rights. After the robberies occurred in many communities, it was discovered that the monitoring had been broken, and consumers had nowhere to claim damage due to the monitoring. Only dumb to eat Coptis, there is no way to tell. In order to cope with fierce market competition, many surveillance products have cut corners on raw materials and procurement costs and lacked corresponding product quality management systems, which has led to a decline in product quality. Therefore, if security companies want to achieve healthy development, they must first of all maintain a pure and beautiful market environment for the security market.

Most of the companies on the market today imitate each other and plagiarize. Even the author's article is often titled by others. This phenomenon is not only reflected in this aspect, but also includes plagiarism in the appearance of products and plagiarism in chip programs. Now a lot of monitoring manufacturers are using the common mold in the market, like some time ago, some new products have not yet been listed on the market. They have been copied by several other peers. The hard-to-develop appearance of him was imitated, and the programs developed late at night were copied. The technology developed by oneself can not be well protected, then it will greatly reduce the confidence of the enterprise's independent innovation.

At present, China's security industry is in a period of rapid development. At this stage, the relevant departments of the state must implement strong market supervision, and strongly attack those plagiarism and plagiarism enterprises, and provide a fair and healthy market for enterprises that truly innovate in research and development. surroundings. At the same time, security companies should also actively regulate their behavior toward the light. Only by making products that are truly valuable to the society and products that are useful to consumers and customers can companies achieve healthy development.

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