The curtains are cleverly matched with colors and materials to make the home more colorful.

Different types of curtains are used in combination, and decorative curtains play a big role in interior decoration, sometimes determining the main color of a home. Flexibly match the material and color of the curtains to make your home more colorful.

1. Lightweight curtains make the small area appear transparent. Due to the small size of the dining area, the use of too thick curtains makes the space more narrow. Therefore, the thinner and thinner Roman curtains are combined with thin striped flat-paneled curtains, and a layer of decorative curtains are added in the middle. It is very important that the hollow texture makes the overall feeling more brisk.

2. Select the contrast color of the main color of the room as the color of the curtain, which can balance the overall color. In this case, the living room wall is painted pink, and the large red floral sofa is more beautiful. If you use the same color curtains, the visual load will be too heavy. The white curtains are just right, the same color. Roman curtains add to the lack of shading in the curtains.

3. The combination of different materials not only makes the form of the curtain more abundant, but also can play the curtain effect to a greater extent. The lighting of the study is very important. The venetian blinds can easily adjust the intensity of the light in the study, but it is easy to appear monotonous, and the orange-red striped curtains make the color on the wall more active.

4. Use the curtain eyebrow to cover the curtain rail or the hanging part at the top of the curtain to make the curtain look more neat and generous. The curtains in the corner of the game room are decorated with two layers of wavy curtains, lemon yellow and rose red, which not only make the curtains more tidy, but also make the original striped curtains vivid.

5. When designing curtains, pay attention to the situation, and vary from person to person, according to the characteristics of the window and the personality characteristics of the user. The curtains in this children's room are designed in a split style. The upper part of the arc is a special-shaped curtain made of cotton with natural pleats. It is fixed on the window frame with Velcro. It is very convenient to disassemble and clean. The lower part is a roller blind made of colored striped cotton. The lower part of the roller blind has a high fork and buttons and buttonholes on both sides. In this way, even when the roller blind is lowered, the corner of the roller blind can be easily opened, and the button is fixed in the corresponding portion to obtain light, which meets the needs of children.

6. The fabric used for curtains may not only be cut with a piece of cloth, but also with different fabrics. The window here is relatively narrow, so the simple flat-type curtains are used. The curtain itself is made of two different kinds of thin cotton fabrics, with the green and green floral fabric as the main body, and the lower part of the curtain is decorated with Double green fine plaid cotton. Although the colors are different, they are still very coordinated and add a sense of hierarchy because they are all green. At the same time, the thicker plaid fabric also plays a role in enhancing the drape of the curtain.

7. Curtain installation does not have to use curtain rails or curtain rods, but also curtain hooks. Since the arc-shaped window cannot be installed with a conventional window rail or window bar, a plurality of curtain hooks are used here instead of the window rails, and are mounted on the upper side of the arc window frame to fix the curtains. When not in use, you can open the curtains and bundle them on the sides of the window.

8. When choosing the material of the curtain, it depends on the function of the living room. Here is a small bar set out for the corner of the kitchen, next to the sink, not far from the stove, so choose wooden louvers as curtains. The curtains organically synthesized from logs can be waterproof, not mildewed, fire retardant and not easily deformed. In addition, suitable for kitchen applications are honeycomb curtains, which are both heat-insulating and waterproof.

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