Method for treating ash after aluminum smelting

[China Aluminum Network] Aluminum will produce ash after smelting, which is an inevitable result of smelting and inevitable. The aluminum ash is composed of alumina, aluminum nitride, other oxides, chlorides and aluminum. If this kind of product is not handled well, it will affect many problems.

First, the economic benefits of the recycled aluminum industry

The amount of aluminum contained in the aluminum ash removed from the furnace is 45% to 75%, because the amount of aluminum ash is about 15% of the amount of melting in the furnace. Therefore, how to increase the amount of aluminum recovered from the aluminum ash is regenerated. Aluminum industry is an important issue. In other words, if the ash processing is not good, it will directly affect the economic benefits of the recycled aluminum industry.

Second, the impact on the cost of recycled aluminum products.

If a factory with a monthly smelting capacity of 3,000 tons is used as an example, the output of aluminum ash slag can reach 450 tons, and the aluminum content can reach 202.5 to 337.5 tons. The recovery rate of aluminum is 45%, and the recovery of aluminum is 90~152t. If the recovery rate is 70%, the recycled aluminum can reach 142~236t, with a difference of 52~84t. This difference is equivalent to gross margin of 2%~3%. However, the recovery of aluminum from aluminum ash dross has a higher recovery rate, ie 70% recovery, and the remaining residue is difficult to handle. Aluminum ash containing more than 30% aluminum can be used as a deoxidizer for steelmaking. . Therefore, most recycled aluminum companies now avoid excessive recycling of aluminum ash. Instead, they sell aluminum slag to aluminum slag treatment plants or steelmaking deoxidizer plants. Therefore, the recovery rate of aluminum ash residues has a direct impact on the cost of recycled aluminum products.

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