Anti-corrosion measures for plate heat exchangers

Shandong Zibo Taylor Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturers of plate heat exchangers. Its plate heat exchangers are reasonable in price, and the various series of plate heat exchangers produced by the company are well received by users. Shandong Zibo Taylor Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in plate heat exchanger unit, fully equipped, and the quality is guaranteed. You are welcome to come and buy. The following small series introduces you to the anti-corrosion measures of the lower plate heat exchanger. I hope to help you in the future.
1. In addition to the special ZS ceramic anti-corrosion coating to reduce corrosion, the plate heat exchanger can also extend its service life by other methods, such as reducing the erosion of the medium, perfecting the heat exchanger structure, reducing residual stress, and electrochemical protection. Method, adding corrosion inhibitor, cleaning the heat exchanger unit regularly.
2. Corrosion of the plate is the main corrosion part of the heat exchanger unit. Common local corrosion types include stress corrosion, crevice corrosion, wear corrosion and biological corrosion, under the action of chemical or electrochemical means of the surrounding medium, and often The damage caused by metal in combination with physical, mechanical or biological factors, that is, the destruction of the metal under the action of its environment.
The plate heat exchanger unit is a device that transfers part of the heat of the hot fluid to the cold fluid. Most of it is in a high temperature and corrosive environment, and the structural corrosion phenomenon is very serious. Therefore, it is very important to take precaution measures.
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