The advantages of stone plastic floor

1, waterproof non-slip: the surface of a special structure for high density, artificial wood pattern, the water is more astringent, non-slip, home paving can lift the safety concerns of the elderly and children. Its characteristics are incomparable to stone, tiles and so on.
2, super wear-resistant: The degree of wear of the ground material, depending on the material and thickness of the surface wear layer, not just look at the total thickness of the floor tile. Pvc floor surface covered with 0.1-0.5mm thickness polymer special material, high degree of wear, for the longest life of similar products. Comparing a thin layer of transparent film on a laminate wood floor or a layer of glaze on a tile, it is no less than that.
3, light weight: the weight after construction. It is 10 times lighter than wood floor construction, 20 times lighter than tile construction, and 25 times lighter than stone construction. It reduces the weight of the building, ensures safety, and facilitates handling.
4. Convenient construction: no cement sand is needed, wood is not required to be used for earthmoving, and special glue is used for paving. It is quick and easy. There are many kinds of products, such as rock, gravel, marble, and wood grain, which are free to fit together, save time and effort, and are OK at one time.
5, good flexibility: special elastic structure, impact resistance, and a suitable sense of the foot, to provide the highest guarantee for the daily life of the family.
6, thermal conductivity is good: heat only a few minutes, heat evenly, no stone, tile icy feeling, winter bare feet are not afraid.

Material characteristic: Using high quality aluminum extruded shutter profiles, multi-layer painting or film layer surface have excellent scratch resistance function, not decay, wearable and anti-collision.Nice white profiles, accepting mass customization according to users requirements(light gray, brown, cream, wood, fused, sand color and light sand color ,etc.)

Integrated protection and decorative features together,the best replacement of traditional theft network security replacement; flexible way open ways, supporting hand control, group control. The door could be your safe rescue channel when in emergency.

When in state of close, support ventilation and lighting, this contribute to enhance the cooling and heating effect of air conditioner, ensure safety, comfortable, energy saving, noise isolation  and aesthetics.

Aluminum Roller Shutter Door

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