Wall decoration new wind diatom mud purchase construction introduction

Part1: Explaining the new standard in detail to teach you about diatom mud

The time that diatom mud enters the field of vision is not long understood by many people. And the market is not standardized, its function is exaggerated in the mouth of the sales staff. So what is diatom mud in the end? Let's take a look at the newly introduced industry standard along with the Xiaobian, to understand the definition and function of the diatom mud.

First, the definition of diatom mud

The latest implementation of the "Diatomaceous mud decorative wall materials" standard for the first time gave a clear definition of diatom mud, indicating that the diatom mud is mainly inorganic cement material as the main adhesive material, diatom material as the main functional filler, the preparation of dry Powdery interior wall coating material.

1, diatom mud bonding materials

Although the regulations express the use of inorganic binders as main binders (including white cement, gypsum, white lime powder, etc.), organic additives can also be added as appropriate for considerations of workability, but volatile organics (VOA) Can not exceed the standard.

2, the product needs to be able to detect diatomaceous earth

The standard also stipulates that the diatom mud product needs to be able to monitor the diatomaceous earth composition. This is a requirement for some manufacturers to add lime powder or even glutinous rice flour to the diatom mud and make the imitation of diatomaceous earth. The specific content of diatomite is not clearly defined. Some experts explained that the specific content was not indicated because in the unit of product quality, if the diatomaceous earth component can be detected, it also means that it accounts for at least 10%, which is in line with the basic requirements. Now.

3, Diatomite Introduction

Diatomaceous earth is the most central part of diatom mud products. It is made up of petrified marine diatoms that were deposited millions of years ago. Diatomite is a porous structure with many pores. The special structure of this mineral determines that diatom mud has strong breathability and adsorption. Breathable breathability and adsorbability can make diatom mud have the ability to adsorb and decompose harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Second, diatom mud function

In the past, due to the lack of industry standards, many companies in the market speculated that the function of diatom mud would be overestimated, so that consumers could not correctly understand diatom mud. The diatom mud industry standard has also made clear provisions for its basic functions. It is required that diatom mud should satisfy four aspects of usability, decorativeness, functionality, and environmental protection.

1, the use of

First, diatom mud must have a certain bond strength. Therefore, inorganic gelling substances must be added to the material. Second, the product also needs a certain temperature and humidity resistance. It is mainly to ensure that after the diatom mud is put on the wall, it will not age or fall off under the conditions of periodic temperature and humidity changes in the actual use environment.

2, decorative

The color of diatom mud is mainly achieved through the addition of natural inorganic pigments, and its texture pattern can be made by various methods using a variety of tools. Diatom mud has strong plasticity and can make a variety of texture effects.

3, functional

Many merchants on the market will blow out the function of diatom mud when they are selling. In this standard, the specific functions of diatom mud have been clarified and quantitative regulations have been made.

Diatom mud functionality
1, humidity control performance
Moisture absorption wa, (1×10 -3kg/m2)
3h moisture absorption wa ≥ 20; 6h moisture absorption wa ≥ 27; 12h moisture absorption wa ≥ 35; 24h moisture absorption wa ≥ 40
Moisture release wb, (1×10-3kg/m2)
24h moisture release wb≥wa×70%
Volumetric moisture content ratio, △ω[(kg/m3)/%]
Average volume moisture content (kg/m3)
2, formaldehyde purification performance
3, formaldehyde purification effect persistence
4, anti-fungal properties
Level 0
5, anti-fungal durability
Level 1

Diatom mud has a good performance in formaldehyde purification, anti-mildew antibacterial, humidity control performance. The standards introduced here quantify the diatom mud's humidity control performance, formaldehyde purification performance, durability, and mold resistance. Because the respiration of diatom mud is very good, when the air humidity is high, it can absorb part of the moisture in the air, and when the air is dry, it will release part of the moisture to adjust the indoor humidity. Therefore, the focus of the diatom mud is to subdivide the humidity regulation performance.

4, environmental protection

Diatom mud environmental standards
1. Volatile Organic Compound Content (VOC)/ (g/kg)
Less than 1 g/kg
2, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene sum / (mg/kg)
Less than 50mg/kg
3, free formaldehyde / (mg/kg)
Less than 5 mg/kg
4, soluble heavy metal / (mg/kg)
Lead Pb
Less than 10mg/kg
Cadmium Cd
Chrome Cr
Mercury Hg

Diatomaceous earth itself does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene series, but after adding other substances to make diatom mud, its environmental protection is not necessarily up to the standard. The newly introduced standards strictly limit the amount of hazardous substances. Standards indicate that harmful substances are below the detection limit, that is, volatile organic compounds content <1 g/kg; benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene sum <50 mg/kg; free formaldehyde <5 mg/kg; soluble heavy metals <10 mg /kg.

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