Avoid miscellaneous materials in wood door purchases better than natural wood

If you want to buy solid wood doors, the various names of wood on the market may make you faint. They are of various materials, and the scientific names and common names are mixed. It is not easy to distinguish them clearly. Wood commonly used for wooden doors (can be used as both solid wood and surface decorative materials): Sapele, rosewood, teak, cherry, walnut, maple, eucalyptus (eucalyptus, oak), water Quliu, hemlock, southwest birch, pine, fir (all above are market names). Among them, cherry wood is imported and domestically produced, and its price is not the same. It is necessary to beware of the “stealing the column”.

Glulam, finger joints... These seemingly unfamiliar terms are probably part of your solid wood door, and they directly affect the quality of your home. Therefore, before choosing a wooden door, it is helpful to first understand their general materials, which will help you choose a more suitable wooden door.

Cherry wood: Rosaceae, also known as the American black cherry. Mainly produced in North America, the main products are mainly in the United States. The core material is from deep red to light reddish brown. Wood has good bending properties, low hardness, medium strength and impact resistance. Selected logs can be used to make furniture and cabinet veneers, siding and glossy doors. Cherry wood is relatively expensive due to its beautiful texture and imported large diameter material.

At the same time, there is a kind of wood produced in southern China, Myanmar, Laos - southwestern birch, the texture is between cherry wood and Sapele, known as the domestic cherry wood. The wood has a high hardness and quality, a light brown color, a beautiful wood grain and easy processing. Because of its beautiful cherry wood pattern, its cost is lower than that of imported cherry wood. However, some untrustworthy merchants in the market may be “sweetened”. It is recommended that consumers ask clearly when purchasing, and let the salesperson confirm that they are imported cherry wood and put it into the contract.

Glulam is better than natural wood

In the minds of many consumers, if you choose solid wood doors, natural wood is definitely better, environmentally friendly and beautiful. In fact, solid wood doors have gradually become unrealistic pursuits. The reason is that the current situation of raw material supply does not allow the use of solid wood panels in large quantities, the use of tantalum to produce solid wood doors, the second is that solid wood panels are prone to cracking and deformation, and the third is that woodworking with a combination of tantalum is not easily integrated by modern processing techniques. Wu Shengfu believes that the laminated timber retains the aesthetics of natural wood and has an advantage in physical properties.

According to reports, the glulam (glued wood) is a material obtained by laminating sheets, small squares, etc., which are substantially parallel in the direction of fibers, in the length, width and thickness directions. According to reports, the laminated timber is made of the short size of the solid wood to the required size and shape, so that the small material can be used greatly and the inferior material is excellent. Eliminating wood defects such as knots and decay before gluing can produce materials with few defects. When fitting the board, the wood defects can be dispersed even if there is wood defect. If there is a special need, the plate can be pre-treated with different drugs before gluing. Even if it is long or large, it can have enough chemicals inside to make the material have excellent anti-corrosion, fire resistance and insect resistance.

Compared with natural wood, the laminated wood does not change the structure and characteristics of the wood. It is still a natural substrate, retaining the texture of the natural wood and the appearance is beautiful. From the point of view of physical and mechanical properties, the stability is good, cracking deformation is not easy to occur, and it is superior to natural solid wood in terms of material quality uniformity. In addition, since the raw materials are sufficiently dried, even in the case of large-section and long-sized materials, the moisture content of each part is uniform, and the cracking deformation is small compared with the natural solid wood.

Pay attention to the distinction between oak and rubber wood in solid wood doors

With the continuous improvement of people's daily life level and the pursuit of higher quality of life, solid wood door household products have become more and more popular in people's lives. For a household item so close to people's life, solid wood door home Quality has also received unprecedented attention from consumers. At present, consumers have complained about buying furniture that is pretending to be high-grade wood in general wood, such as black-wood rosewood as a teak, or rubber-wood as a oak.

Don't look at the same name for rubber wood and oak. It is only one word, but it represents two different kinds of wood. The quality and price are also thousands of times different. The person in charge of a wooden door said: "When consumers choose solid wood composite doors, they should consider whether they are skin-sticking or stickers. The stickers are all very flat, without texture, and the color and texture are not strong. Really raw wood, its texture and three-dimensionality look very layered, and very natural. As long as we are careful, look carefully and touch it by hand, you can feel it. Another point is whether you see it is hollow or solid. In general, we knocked on its sound. When it was solid, it sounded a bit stuffy. If it was hollow, it felt like a reverberating sound. It was more brittle. Other netizens thought that all solid wood doors were made of solid wood. This is not the case. The real solid wood door is called the original wooden door. We use the whole piece of wood to make it. Now everyone knows that the resources are very scarce, especially some valuable wood. There are some concept confusions, such as oak and rubber wood. In wood, everyone needs to understand what a wooden door is and what is a solid wood door."

Rubber wood is a tree that produces rubber. It belongs to subtropical tree species and is distributed in vast areas of southern China and Southeast Asia. The rubber tree will flow out of juice every year after adulthood. This is the raw material we use rubber. After many years, rubber trees no longer produce glue, we use its wood to process furniture. This is called rubber wood. Rubber wood is also widely used in the production of furniture.

Oak is widely distributed in the vast area of ​​the northern hemisphere. It is excellent in wood and is a common material for furniture. It is also an ideal material for the production of laminated plywood. The oak is roughly divided into two categories: red oak and white oak. The difference is that the straight lines are better and the price is slightly more expensive. The average price of high-grade imported oak is also high.  

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