What factors should be taken into account when using DC high-voltage generator to detect zinc oxide surge arresters

1. Arresters can be divided into the following types according to their development. Protection gap: it is the simplest form of arrester; tube type arrester: it is also a protection gap, but it can extinguish itself after discharge; valve arrester: it divides a single discharge gap into many short series gaps, and increases nonlinearity at the same time. Resistor improves protection performance; magnetic discharge arrester: utilizes magnetic blow spark gap, improves arc extinguishing capacity, and also has the ability to limit internal overvoltage; zinc oxide surge arrester: utilizes the ideal volt-ampere characteristic of zinc oxide valve ( High nonlinearity, ie low resistance at high currents, limits the voltage on the surge arrester, exhibits high resistance at normal line voltage, has no backlash, no residual current, etc., but also limits internal Overvoltage is widely used.

2. Zinc Oxide Arrester Dedicated Testing Instruments The DC high voltage generator is one of the main products of Yangzhou Fei Kete Electric Co., Ltd., Fitech Electric believes that when doing arrester general measurement, after connecting the line, first connect the sample After the line is left unconnected and rises to the test voltage, the corona and stray current I′ at the time of the blank test are read, and then the sample is brought up to the test voltage to read the total current I1. Test product leakage current: I0 = I1-I'.

3. When it is necessary to accurately measure the leakage current of the test object, a high-voltage shielding microammeter should be connected in series in the high-voltage loop. The high-voltage shielding microammeter must have metal shielding.

4. The shielded wire shall be used to connect with the test sample. The shielded lead of the high voltage lead shall be closely connected with the shield of the instrument end. If you want to rule out the influence of the surface leakage current of the sample, you can connect it with the shielding of the high-voltage lead after tightly winding the bare metal cord at the high potential end of the sample.

5. When the grounding terminals of the zinc oxide arrester, magnetic discharge arrester, etc. are separable, it is also possible to measure in series with the ammeter at the bottom of the sample (ground potential), but shielded wires must also be used. When the influence of surface leakage current of the test sample is to be excluded, a bare bare copper wire can be connected to the shield at the ground potential end of the test object to complete the test. After the pressure is reduced, the piezoelectric positioner is returned to zero, and then the green button is pressed. , cut off the high voltage and turn off the power switch.

6, for the zinc oxide arrester and other small capacitance test items, usually through the pressure resistance discharge, time is very fast. For large-capacitance test items such as cables and motors, it is generally necessary to wait until the voltage of the test sample self-discharges to less than 20% of the test voltage, and then discharge through the discharge bars. After the sample to be fully discharged and the grounding wire is hung, it is allowed to remove the high voltage lead wire and replace the wiring work.

7. The zinc oxide lightning arrester is a device that protects the substation from lightning surges. When lightning surges passing through substations along the line exceed the arrester protection level, the arrester discharges first, and the lightning current is safely led to the earth through a good conductor. The grounding device is used to limit the lightning voltage amplitude below the level of the lightning impulse of the protected equipment, so that Electrical equipment is protected.

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