Security textile industry

Security textile industry
The 3rd China Security Protection Textile and Garment Industry Innovation and Development Forum will be held in Xi’an from May 19 to May 20, organized by China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., Ltd. (China's safety and protection The textile R&D base was contracted with Yantai Taihe New Material Co., Ltd.
This forum will take the theme of “Multidimensional Innovation and Collaborative Development—The Road to Industrial Transformation” as its theme, closely follow the new ideas and goals of the country’s reform and development, and jointly analyze new opportunities for industrial development from the perspectives of innovation in science, technology, marketing, and management. New trends, sharing of hotspots and latest technological achievements, discussion of terminal needs and application markets, establishment and improvement of industrial chain collaborative innovation mechanism, help enterprise restructuring, industry transformation and development. It is estimated that nearly 200 safety, protection, textile, dyeing and finishing, garment companies and research and testing institutions will gather in the forum to jointly explore new models, new technologies, and new markets for the development of China's textile and garment industry. According to the company's requirements, this forum specially invited industry experts and key enterprises to conduct face-to-face discussions and discuss solutions for high-performance fiber development and application technologies, development and application of safety protection textiles, product standards, and detection technologies. Confusion, while using WeChat new media to build an instant messaging platform for the industry.
It is reported that China's textile and apparel industry innovation and development forum has been successfully held twice. Based on the integration of industrial resources, strengthening cooperation and innovation, and expanding the application fields, the Forum initially established a new mechanism that combines terminal innovation as the goal, upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and achieved fruitful innovation results.

Ideal also for installation between Windows/door and roller shutters
Sturdy, powder-coated aluminium frame system
UV-resistant, light-and air-permeable
Simple assembly-Complete kit
Natural insect protection with open window/door
Profiles and fabrics individually can be shortened
Including mounting accessories and instructions
EN13561-2015 certification:
Resistance to wind load: Class 1
Operating effort: Class 2
Mechanical Endurance: Class 2
Resistance to corrosion: Class 2
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