Yangzi Petrochemical employees make diagnosis for safety management system

“The company’s safety supervision team should issue a written notice to the violation unit when the supervision of the grass-roots unit discovers a problem, which is signed and approved by the person in charge of the basic unit.” Mr. Ke Aiming, an employee of Yangzi Petrochemical Logistics, made this suggestion shortly. His reason is that, in accordance with the law enforcement practices of the national law enforcement agencies, law enforcement officers issued notices of violations on the spot and were signed and approved by the parties. The time limit for writing a written notice immediately informs the violation, which is convenient for immediate correction and complies with the ultimate purpose of supervision.

Compared with the form of “on-site forensics and post-mortem release”, the written notice immediately issued more clearly shows the trend of strong management of safety management. The attitude is clear and open-minded. Avoid deviations from information transmission and corrective measures are not in place. Inspectors can use the signing process as a good safety lesson, pointing out mistakes to grass-roots units and promoting the safety management experience of other units. Giving the grassroots units appropriate and reasonable arguments and explanations can better find the source of the problem. The HSE department of the company responsible for safety work endorsed this proposal and stated that it will review, improve, and complete the safety supervision work and draft a formal safety supervision system to replace the existing temporary system.

There are many corporate security management systems, and are there loopholes and imperfections? Since the beginning of this year, employees of Yangzi Petrochemical Organization have diagnosed this problem and made concerted efforts to try to plug a loophole with one suggestion, further improve the safety management system, and lay a solid foundation for safe production from all aspects. Among the outstanding suggestions for all aspects of employee selection in the most recent quarter, there were 13 related to safety management. These proposals have pointed out meticulously the problems existing in the company's original system. For example, there is no regulation for the explosion-proof zone and the non-explosion-proof zone in the relevant system. It is recommended that the explosion-proof zone and the non-explosion-proof zone be carried out according to the device design, pipeline layout, etc. Explicit description and definition, drawing company explosion-proof zone, non-explosion-proof zone distribution map. The company's fire brigade and the HSE department immediately responded, and all plants must sort out and identify the explosion-proof zone and the non-explosion-proof zone under normal production conditions. The company's professional department will organize the drawing of the company's explosion-proof zone and non-explosion zone regional distribution map. Two incidents of damage to the shore equipment and facilities caused by the operation error of the ship had occurred successively in the Yangzi Petrochemical Terminal.

In order to avoid or reduce the reoccurrence of similar incidents and reduce the possibility of major water pollution accidents, the relevant proposals require the company to re-clear and clarify issues concerning the duties, procedures, and abnormal disposal of dock operations, and regulate the scheduling, logistics companies, The relevant responsibilities of the logistics department and other relevant departments in the process, operation procedures and related requirements, etc., to ensure the safety of the company's marine lifeline. The Ministry of Logistics stated that it intends to revise the "Material Logistics Management System", adding new requirements for the logistics company's responsibilities and working procedures, and increasing the supervision and assessment of the performance of the logistics department.

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