How to prevent cucumber "flower topping"

Cucumber "flower topping" is a physiological disease. After the onset, the internodes near the growth point are shortened, the small leaves are dense, and the small melons appear in each leaf axils. A large number of female flowers grow open and cause capping. After the flowers are opened, the melons are not elongated. , seriously affecting production.

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There are many reasons for the "flower topping", mainly: 1. Low temperature. The low temperature at night, the development of cucumber roots is blocked, hindering the normal absorption and utilization of water and nutrients, resulting in slow plant growth, resulting in "flower topping." 2. Wounded roots. Application of organic fertilizer that is not fully decomposed, or low temperature and high humidity, causing root burning or rooting, resulting in malnutrition of the plant, resulting in "flower topping." 3. Phytotoxicity. Excessive use of hormones, excessive differentiation of female flowers, resulting in "flower topping." Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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Control method: The following measures can be taken for cucumber “flower topping”: 1. Incubation and heat enhancement, especially to increase nighttime temperature and promote healthy growth of cucumber plants. 2. Sparse the flowers and remove the melons, remove the young melons at the top of the cucumber, reduce nutrient consumption, and promote the growth of stems. 3. Foliar application of 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or Tianda "2116" to promote the vegetative growth of the plant. 4. Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, timely and moderate irrigation, combined with watering, appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer; timely cultivating, increase ground temperature, promote hair roots, and promote roots with roots. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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