Oil Drill Market: Capturing Differentiated Demands to Develop Adaptive Products

On April 1, a 24-inch large-size steel diamond drill bit produced by Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully produced. These two drill bits will soon be shipped to a certain country in the Middle East to meet the needs of customers to quickly drill into the medium hard formation.

The petroleum machinery company pays attention to the drilling conditions in different regions and different strata, captures the differentiated demand, develops adaptive products, and provides optimized services to meet the needs of drill bits under different drilling conditions and different geological conditions.

Capture differentiated needs

Oil drill bits have limited adaptability to different complex formations, and different market environments around the world inevitably have different geological conditions, which in turn will bring diverse adaptive needs to the drill bit.

In the domestic market, the petroleum machinery company has set up 6 service stations of 6 branches in the sales of petroleum drill bits, covering Huazhong, North China, Northern Shaanxi, Northwest China, Sichuan and Chongqing, and covering the oil producing areas of the country. In the foreign market, large areas such as North America, South America, the Middle East, and Asia and Europe have been set up, and sales of products and direct sales have been used to sell products to nearly 40 countries. A wide range of marketing service channels have brought solid foundations for companies to capture market differentiation needs in a timely manner.

In the extremely dense and deserted Siberian region, the company follows international practice and spares no effort to let marketing service personnel “go out” and communicate face-to-face with drilling construction personnel. In order to find out the market demand, the company's battalion personnel are stationed in the wells in a timely manner. After dozens of days and several months, they work with the team members under the harsh living conditions, living together with the food, and emotionally integrating into the customers. Foreign customers are also happy to make friends with them, take the initiative to introduce the relevant geological conditions and how to judge the use of the drill bit according to the logging while drilling curve, as well as the working parameters of the underground power drill. In this process, the battalion personnel not only learned about the new situation encountered in the use of the drill bit, but also learned the knowledge of drilling and logging, which is convenient for analyzing and improving the work and solving various problems in the future.

This is also the case in other important blocks such as Sichuan and Chongqing, Northwest China, and key exploration wells. The stagnation personnel are far away from their families, and they travel to each drilling team every week or even every working day, focusing on the use of oil drill bits, analyzing problems in time for some abnormal situations, and mastering the first-hand information on the site. Provide targeted evidence for improved and proper use.

Develop adaptive products

The difference in stratigraphic structure and well depth structure will have varying degrees of impact on bit life and function. In particular, the development of unconventional resources and the development of marine oil and gas resources have brought more new demands to petroleum drill bits. In the face of complex and variable drilling conditions, the adaptive development of drill bits is particularly important.

For the key area of ​​the Fuling shale gas development market, the Petroleum Machinery Company has set up a project team consisting of production, research and sales personnel. At the Jiaoshiba drilling site, the project team fully communicated with the drilling customers, refined the solution for the formation lithology and the characteristics of each drilling process, and adopted the upper well frequency of the key well once a day and the general well once every two days. Keep an eye on the market to ensure the success rate of bit development and use. The company's 26-inch guide steel tooth drill, 17 1/2-inch steel diamond drill bit and 12 1/2-inch oriented roller bit have achieved good results in speed-up and efficiency, and are favored by drilling customers. . At the same time, in order to promote the application of superior products, the project team is also actively providing customers with a single well or a certain range of drill bit products and services package solutions to expand the results of adaptive development.

In the daily product development, the company pays attention to the summary analysis of the use of the drill bit, comparing the actual drilling time, footage, mechanical drilling speed, hydraulic parameters, drilling costs and other factors affecting the drilling benefits with the design valuation, and The blunt bit wear condition is evaluated and graded, and the bit design and selection are continuously improved. The development of adaptive products is increasingly becoming the norm in the market.

In 2013, the petroleum machinery company produced a total of 910 varieties of 2,906 batches of roller cone bits and 176 varieties of 66 batches of 695 diamond drill bits. The development of adaptive drill bits became an important means to lead the market. The company's bit market has been further consolidated. The domestic and foreign market share of roller cone bits has remained at 80% and 20% respectively, and the sales revenue of diamond drill bits has increased steadily.

Provide optimal service

The quality of the drill depends on the actual application, not just the drill itself. If the selection is not correct or the use is improper, the quality of the drill will be compromised.

Petroleum Machinery is committed to providing quality services to drilling customers. Focus on scientific and effective bit selection, through the application of the formation cutting tester, real-time test of the mechanical properties of the stratum rock under normal pressure and confining pressure, to provide reliable formation rock characteristic data for optimizing bit selection; The well selection software for well data analysis and the ever-improving database of drill bits are used to provide the best bit selection for drilling customers. At the same time, we will actively carry out new technical lectures on drill bits, carry out various forms of technical communication with drilling customers, conduct research on the causes of wear and failure of drill bits, and seek the direction of improvement and research and development of drill bits; 7 common ground performances for complex underground conditions, comprehensive Summarize the possible reasons, sum up a number of treatment measures, and continue to enrich and improve in the actual work, make a marketing case, cultivate the ability of the battalion personnel to solve problems, help customers to select the drill bit and use the drill bit reasonably. The company also holds a new drill bit technology seminar every two years to work with drilling customers from all over the country to study the application of new bit technology and the improvement of drilling efficiency.

Convenient for customers and creating benefits, petroleum machinery companies can truly win the bit market. With the wide application of directional wells, horizontal wells, gas drilling and other processes at home and abroad, the company pays attention to the development of corresponding functional drill products according to the use of different drilling processes, and uses this to name, which greatly facilitates the selection of drill bits for drilling customers. High-speed motor drills, small borehole drills, ultra-high-speed motor drills, hard-layer drills, high-efficiency steel-tooth drills and gas drills have been introduced, each with a selection of service-oriented products and a tendency to solve the problem-oriented functional product series, which have been widely used by drilling customers. Welcome, have achieved remarkable results in practical applications, they have become the company's fist market to open up the market and win the market. The same is true for the development of diamond drill bits. Starting from the market demand, the company has developed five series of comprehensive drilling of the carcass PDC bit, comprehensive and rapid drilling of the steel body PDC bit, carcass suitable for directional drilling and steel body PDC bit, and gradually sold at home and abroad. K. The company combines the stratum characteristics and drilling technology of a block market in Chuandong to produce a high-end diamond drill bit, which makes the best indicators of the cumulative footage, pure drilling time and average ROP of the drill bit higher than similar foreign products. The drill has a record of 6,700 meters, and the drill has a new degree of 90% after drilling and can be used again. In the well below 2,700 meters in the Tuhayuguo block, the drilling customer used the drill to drill the directional well, which was completed 10 days ahead of schedule.

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