What are the benefits of the new kitchen open bar?

The current kitchen is no longer limited to the single function of cooking. The open bar of Jinzhi cabinet has added a lot of fun to the kitchen space. In addition to housewives, more and more people are happy to get close to themselves. Kitchen, let's take a look at the benefits of the open bar.

First, customize the multi-function bar, do breakfast, read newspapers or drink coffee


The irregular bar in the middle of the kitchen can take on many functions. The function of this customized bar is not limited to this. In the early morning, this is where the owner makes breakfast and reads the newspaper; at the time of the meal, it is the dining table; when the friends come to the party, the wine storage area under the bar plays a role, and the friends are here at random. Sit and chat with alcohol. It turns out that the function of the kitchen is not limited to cooking, but also to meet a variety of functions.

Second, the kitchen independent bar, the fun life is at the bar


The kitchen in modern home is not only a place to cook and cook, it has become a place full of fun, "living in the kitchen", the kitchen has become the protagonist of the home space. As an independent open kitchen in a social place, the tempered glass is used as a partition, the lighting is reasonable, and the layout is smooth, making the space modern and fashionable.

Third, the bar can also play a role in dividing the kitchen and living room to a certain extent.


The location of the bar in the kitchen was originally a wall separating the kitchen and the restaurant. After being knocked out, it was designed into a stylish bar. The function of temporarily placing dishes on the small bar meets the need for breakfast. Whether it's a family dinner or a friend's party, the kitchen interacts with the restaurant through the bar, and it becomes a place to pass food, fruits and other foods, making it a very useful space.

Fourth, the small dining table and the bar are combined into one, and the husband and wife can freely solve the problem of eating here.


The restaurant is divided into two parts, the main table area and the bar area. In the bar area, stainless steel lighting and several red chairs make the color and style of the bar area more vivid. Usually, when there are no guests, the husband and wife can freely solve the problem of eating here, instead of having to rush to bring the food to the main table.

A small bar can bring so many benefits to everyone's life, and it also makes the whole kitchen look more stylish and more emotional. If you want to know more about Jinzhi cabinets, you are welcome to visit the GO Jiaju website, where you have detailed home information , thousands of brand furniture and occasional furniture brand sales . Interested people may wish to come in for a quick trip!

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