New mailing bag: less consumables, light and thin, can be reused 200 times

The rise of online shopping has greatly increased the use of mailing bags, but it has also caused waste. The Royal College of Art students have designed a new mailing package: low consumables, very thin, reusable 200 times, received items After the bag is put into the mailbox, the operator will recycle it and use it.
The concept was inspired by the Royal College of Art graduate student Yu-Chang Chou from the wife's lost courier bags, designed RePack Bag mailing bags. The design is simple in appearance, and the inner layer is placed in the inner layer of the helmet to protect the goods from collision and is lighter and thinner than the general packaging. It can be reused nearly 200 times, in addition to reducing packaging materials. In addition, it can save space for transportation.

After obtaining the item, just follow the instructions on the back, fold the RePack Bag into a flat letter size, and then put it into the mail box, it will be recycled by Royal Mail.

The report said that the current RePack Bag is still a design concept, there are still many places to overcome, such as how many bags to produce to meet the demand, whether the cost of production is really lower than the use of existing packaging, whether it can really achieve environmental protection Concept etc. Yu-Chang Chou is trying to work with Amazon and Royal Mail to order Repack Bags directly on the website when consumers buy goods.

If this new type of packaging is introduced into China in the future, it will save a lot of energy consumption for the express delivery industry.
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