2015 30th Shenzhen Furniture Fair opens the world of colorful custom furniture

It seems that only a few years, the concept of home life with "private customization" as the core has been recognized by more and more consumers. The traditional furniture industry is becoming more and more personalized with the change of people's concept, and with originality, design, personality, Exclusive and other iconic popular symbols, leading the fashion trend of furniture. It is reported that from March 19th to 22nd, the 30th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair will come as scheduled, from home, exhibitors and designers from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and many other regions. Depth the 2015 furniture trends to hundreds of thousands of viewers. In addition to frequent brand appearances and design masters at the show, one of the biggest highlights is the further upgrade of the custom furniture exhibition area. More customized furniture brands and exhibits, as well as the designer's cutting-edge concepts, will be presented one by one in front of customers. Luxury events are not to be missed.

The 30th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

It is understood that the Shenzhen furniture exhibition will be divided into nine major exhibition areas and six theme exhibition halls, namely, the No. 1 building is a software, new Chinese, suite and children's park exhibition area; Hall 2, Hall 3, Hall 4 It is the theme of “Spring Blossoms” and the high-end solid wood exhibition area in Europe and America, as well as the high-end flagship store “Famous Street” theme exhibition area; Hall 5 is the whole house custom furniture exhibition area and original personalized furniture exhibition area; Hall 6, Hall 7, Hall 8 and Hall 9 will be the solid wood city pavilion exhibition area. In addition, Hall 3 will also have EXD, a joint exhibition of indoor home design integration services, and a “creative library” of furniture industry design service organizations held in Halls 5 and 6. Corresponding exhibition areas will have top-notch brands at home and abroad, and fully display the brand and product of furniture enterprises as well as design advantages, bringing the audience an ultimate visual feast.

The 30th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

Throughout the venue layout of the exhibition, in addition to the regular brand concentration and theme diversity, the custom furniture exhibition area will become the most interesting content. At present, the overall home furnishing industry is facing a phase of change in the business model, and custom furniture is a category that is currently growing rapidly, and the corresponding service platform is built, whether it is for furniture companies or design institutions, or for end customers, and Shenzhen furniture. The continued development of the exhibition will benefit a lot. With the original design as the core concept, Shenzhen Furniture Fair has always paid close attention to the combination of home design and creativity and commercialization. Therefore, the upgrade of the custom furniture area not only has a win-win effect, but also Shenzhen furniture. The exhibition caters to the consistent style of the mainstream development trend in the future.

At the same time, through the colorful design life limit, Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition design dome will also debut again, including club furniture design, hotel furniture design, hardcover furniture design, villa furniture design, space design - meet A variety of commercial space matching engineering custom-made furniture gathered together, dozens of top designers to attend together, will also present a high-end design feast!

The 30th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

In the 30th Shenzhen Furniture Fair in 2015, it led the transformation of the industry model, and demonstrated the charm of custom furniture in the form of innovative exhibitions. Through the theme setting of multiple units, it provided the strongest visual impact for the industry and brought new feelings of modern beauty. "The vision is up, the design is here", let us look forward to the stunning appearance of Shenzhen International Furniture Fair!

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