Multi-stage centrifugal pump structure

Multi-stage centrifugal pump is mainly to achieve more than two pumps together, formed by a series of multi-stage centrifugal pump, multi-stage centrifugal pump is to increase the maximum value of the set pressure. The understanding of multistage centrifugal pump structure not only can improve the worker's experience of product experience, but also can better guarantee the working efficiency of the product. Multi-stage centrifugal pump structure At high pressures, usually using multi-stage centrifugal pump. This pump is a vertical split multi-stage pump, which has a front section, a tail section and a number of intermediate components, with four long rod bolts as a whole. The number of impellers installed on the pump shaft represents the number of centrifugal pumps. Each impeller in the middle section is equipped with a guide pulley. The guide pulley acts basically the same as the volute, mainly to convert kinetic energy into static pressure energy. The impeller is generally single suction, suction port are facing a direction. In order to balance the axial force, in the last paragraph behind the balance plate, and the balance of the first paragraph and the inlet connected. The rotor in the work process can move along the axial left and right, by balance disc thrust balance impeller axial force to maintain the rotor near the equilibrium position. Both ends of the shaft are supported by bearings and placed on the bearing housing with shaft seals at both ends of the shaft. l Inlet section 2 & middle 3-liter wheel 4-axis, 5-guide wheel 6 Bearing ring 7 Impeller stop sleeve 8 Guide vane sleeve 9 Balance plate 10 Balancing sleeve 11 Balancing ring 12 Water outlet Section guide wheel; 13 water outlet section; 14 tail cover; 15 bushing B; 16 a bushing nut; 17 water baffle; 18 balance disk pointer; 19 bearing B component; 20 coupling; 2l bearing component; 22 oil Ring; 23-axis jacket; 24 packing gland; 25 water seal ring; 26 tighten the bolt. The water level, the water level, the water level, the balance plate pointer, the bearing B parts, bearing a Department, Oil ring, bushings and other components of a multi-stage centrifugal pump composition, we can see from the figure is not difficult to see the multistage centrifugal pump structure is relatively complex, users in understanding the multi-stage centrifugal pump structure, you need to spend enough patience.

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