The same is how to identify the pros and cons of water soluble fertilizer

    Zhou Guoan, a large planter in Qiaomiao Township, Wuyi County, asked: The price gap of fully water-soluble fertilizers on the market today is huge. Some 6,000 yuan can buy one ton, while some 10,000 yuan per ton, even up to 20,000. Yuan, why? How to identify the pros and cons of water soluble fertilizer?


    A: According to industry insiders, this is mainly related to the source of potassium and the level of raw materials used. Let me talk about the source of potassium. At present, there are three main sources of fully water-soluble fertilizers on the market: potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate.


    In general, the potassium chloride type fertilizer has the lowest price, followed by the potassium sulfate type, and the best is potassium nitrate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate. Potassium sulphate and potassium chloride fertilizers contain a large amount of sulfate ions and chloride ions. Long-term application can easily lead to crops lacking medium-level elemental calcium, so it is easy to cause fruit cracking, poor growth, yellow leaves and even fruit umbilical rot. occur.


    In addition, the long-term use of fertilizers containing sulfate ions and chloride ions will greatly reduce the absorption efficiency of nitrate nitrogen in the soil, and the soil salt enrichment in the greenhouse will be aggravated, and soil compaction is not conducive to crop root growth. The potassium nitrate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate-type water-soluble fertilizers are easily absorbed and utilized by the crops, and the above-mentioned symptoms such as salt accumulation do not occur, and the corresponding price is also the highest.


    From the level of raw materials used, high-quality water-soluble fertilizers are generally produced using food-grade and industrial-grade raw materials. Industrial grade raw materials are several thousand dollars higher than agricultural grade raw materials, and are obviously superior to agricultural grade raw materials in terms of fertilizer nutrient content, water solubility, absorption efficiency, heavy metal content, and product stability. Many inferior water-soluble fertilizers are produced with agricultural grade raw materials. The price is low, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and more unscrupulous manufacturers use the whole water to make a fuss, and install raw materials such as pure magnesium sulfate, ammonium sulfate and potassium nitrate to make huge profits.


    The source of phosphorus in water-soluble fertilizers is very important and is related to the price of fertilizers, which is why the price of potassium nitrate is much lower than that of whole-water-soluble fertilizers.


    On the basis of the formula, according to the technical advantages of each manufacturer, a good water-soluble fertilizer will add some additives to formulate the water-soluble fertilizer, with the aim of further improving the fertilizer utilization rate and improving crop yield and quality. However, many unscrupulous merchants add hormones and other substances to water-soluble fertilizers, and pursue short-term effects. The ultimate victims are farmers.


    There is one of the easiest ways to distinguish the pros and cons of water-soluble fertilizers, that is, high-quality water-soluble fertilizers generally do not have obvious ammonia smell and pungent hormonal taste. When you buy, you only need to smell it. (small farmers)







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