Aluminum Corporation of China, Shanxi Really Creates Record High Alkaline Alumina in October

[China Aluminum Network] In October, with the joint efforts of all the cadres and staff, China Aluminum Shanxi Branch completed 210,100 tons of alumina production, setting a record high.

Since entering the month of October, the company has been guided by the spirit of the "100 days of fighting for the battle to win the battle to defend against survival." All units have clarified specific measures, meticulously implemented, daring to perform, and dedication, and focused on improving production and reducing consumption. Process, joint research on the contribution to production, through scientific organization, enhanced control, Bayer's law focused on improving production, sintering method focused on reducing consumption. The staff of the cadres fully developed the spirit of “five plus two” and “white plus black”, and grasped the efficient and stable operation of production.

The alumina system enhanced bauxite transport operations, raw material grinding linkages, and back-feeding of raw ore slurry, which effectively ensured the increase of feed volume. In October, the amount of high-pressure dissolved feeds hit a record high. The overall sintering system operation is stable, with a discharge volume of 242 tons per hour, which is a new high since the production of the innovative in-line process.

Tackling the research work in depth, optimizing technical indicators, and actively implementing specific issues in production and technology. By tracking technical indicators, focusing on process control, and strengthening process operations, the production of alumina continues to increase, indicators continue to be optimized, consumption continues to decline, and the third phase of the research is completed.

The company adhered to the “Tuesday equipment and production process inspection system” to prevent and eliminate hidden dangers in advance, ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment, further improve the level of technical operation and technical indicators, and rely on the high pressure dissolution operation rate and roaster of the first and second alumina plants. The operating rate is a new high.

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