Wardrobe company "Evolution" to achieve sustainable marketing

At present, China has entered the era of mobile Internet, and more and more consumers are increasingly relying on mobile devices such as smart phones. For wardrobe companies, if they are still following the traditional model in marketing, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of the times. In the mobile Internet environment, wardrobe companies can only achieve self-evolution by taking the road of sustainable marketing.

"Mobile Internet" Society Comes

Since 2009, the entire mobile Internet has developed into a new era. People spend an average of 50 minutes to an hour each day on mobile. Basically, the mobile terminal has become a very strong entrance, and it has also become a basic element in life. In this demand, if companies are following the traditional model, they will find it difficult to survive.

Wardrobe companies need to understand the changes brought about by the mobile Internet

In the entire mobile Internet environment, wardrobe companies need to recognize the three major changes. The first major area is news dissemination. Now the news model is from one-way communication mode to 2.0 interaction mode, and the popularity of mobile Internet has emerged from the media. Everyone can become the era of media. The second area is social. Only by forming a network of social relations between people and people, and based on this social network of relationships, a brand-new relationship of construction will be able to have greater vitality and adaptability. The third area comes from the fields of organization, enterprise, and corporate office. Because the entire organization, the company is also composed of people, when the PC's behavior and habits of people change, the organization itself has also undergone tremendous changes.

Wardrobe companies take the road to sustainable marketing is king

In the face of the tremendous changes brought about by the mobile Internet, the only way out for a wardrobe company is to establish sustainable marketing, which is also called advancing with the times. How can we achieve continuous marketing? It is to innovate. In the future, the core of the wardrobe business is innovation. There are many dimensions of innovation. One dimension is product innovation, the second dimension is service innovation, the third dimension is market innovation, and the core is management innovation. Indeed, only companies that have a strong creative impulse from the roots and ideologically can turn into an innovative enterprise. The wardrobe company must persist in innovation and take the road of sustainable marketing.

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