4 big details to save money learned to lose out

We all know that in the decoration should be paid attention to places such as waterways, circuit renovation, wall treatment, etc. These details can often become the key to saving money. While guaranteeing the quality of decoration, you can also decorate the best results with the most reasonable cost. So, what are the money-saving Raiders? How to decorate and save money?

First, strictly control the budget when designing

Water circuit renovation is the most crucial in the renovation, but for the average company, this is also the most important profit point. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary to strictly control the budget. The general decoration company will use the actual data of the site for the transformation of the water circuit. It is difficult to estimate the reason before the construction, and it will not provide you with a budget for water circuit reform. As a result, when the owner checks out, he often finds himself paying more than three or four thousand yuan on this, so you are very passive.

Second, request design to show hydropower reform drawings

Before the signing of the renovation contract, it is required to design and produce the water circuit transformation drawings, and strictly calculate the quantities that may occur in the following items in comparison with the drawings: including telephone lines, power outlets, switch panels, waterways, cable television lines, and network cables. And calculate a reasonable fee for this. In this way, it is possible to avoid the increase of the additional costs.

Third, the appropriate price cut

If you have chosen a decoration company to change the water circuit, you must not forget to cut the bargaining price on the length of the line when you check out the final line. If one meter is less than one meter, they will not be rejected as long as the means are good. In this way, you can save a lot of money.

Fourth, pay attention to the "measurement" project

In the construction process, some small steps can also affect the saving of decoration costs. For example, some workers are saving, and overall planning is not carried out when the board is cut, resulting in a waste of large plates. In addition, because some wood floor and other decoration materials are calculated based on the amount of decoration used, workers are intentionally wasted in order to increase “measurement” during construction.

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Save money and save money

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