Building materials should be carefully selected to avoid mistakes

What's the most ugly home improvement you've ever seen? Decoration is a complicated task. Little details will cause great regret. For ordinary users, in fact, the pursuit of simplified and warm home style will make it easier to operate and obtain greater comfort, and you want to pursue extraordinarily unique. , In addition to meticulous communication with the designer as much as possible, but also pay attention to the meticulous purchase of building materials to do their homework. In this issue, Xiao Bian lists several misunderstandings for everyone in the renovation. Come and have a look!

1, pattern wallpaper is not suitable for large area paste

Let's first take a look at these rather macro wallpaper homes hahaha, dense phobia patients cautious into! Overwhelming pattern wallpaper is scary, beautiful not to mention, you sure in such a room will not feel depressed Bored? And this red is also a relatively glamorous color, stay a long time even worse.

Xiao Bian reminds: As far as editors are concerned, it is actually not recommended to use large-format wallpapers with complex patterns and flower patterns in home improvement. The space will look very dirty. If the entire house wall is affixed with complicated wallpapers, it is simply too Scary. Really like the wallpaper, then the user is recommended to select some of the more elegant and soft colors, simple patterns and do not be too dense or select some dark wallpaper, so that the home will look refreshing and have a lot of sense of space.

2, the background wall should not blindly seek new ideas

The background wall is well done. It is a beautiful scenery line that can be seen when you enter the door. The background wall is broken, and it is a failure to look straight. Looking at these several examples of home improvement because they feel that the background wall is ugly, many people can not tell where the ugliness, but it is very contrary to the sense of greatness and the pursuit of grace and extravagance eventually become raging, gorgeous want Romantic results seem so vulgar...

Xiao Bian reminds: First of all, please put those huge paintings of the rich type of God-level background wall free. If the elders like it, well, then you do it... Try to pick some of the screens

In addition, the four key words that the background wall should pay attention to are "ornate", "big", "handicrafts" and "sofa". Some users like particularly gorgeous styles, but also configure a strong light, this is entirely a local rhythm up to no limits; and for a small room for a small living room users, do not make a large area of ​​the background wall, with TV Dimensions coordinate the area is good; do not put too many crafts around the wall, make people troubled; when the background wall is finished, pay attention to the center axis of the sofa and the sofa should be the same, so that will not let the living room space to see It's weird.

3, the lights are most greedy

The installation of these lighting fixtures was really miserable... First, the type of lighting was not properly bought, and the second was that the lights were too devilish, and it was like a bar dance floor. It was so bright that the donors would have to sing songs at night. The key point is, It's not so beautiful...

Xiao Bian reminds: First of all, we must make it clear that we should not install too many light sources at home, especially the colorful spotlights, so that homes become KTV, and too many spotlights will be a lot of heat, a space in the light color does not exceed three Kind and to avoid strong light contrast.

When selecting a chandeliers, it is recommended to select large pieces of furniture and then select the chandeliers after determining the size, so that the lamps and home decoration styles and furniture layouts appear harmonious and uniform; the auxiliary light source for the background wall should not use strong light to stimulate the color lights and lights. There must also be a certain interval between the two; spotlights try not to buy too much, especially the kind of colorful.

4, do not imagine the different styles too beautiful

To say that the easiest way to draw a tiger into a cat's home improvement style, the Mediterranean style and the rustic style are not able to escape the top three. Like the Mediterranean style, influenced by regional culture and construction conditions, the lack of professionalism of some designers, insufficient funds, and so on, the Mediterranean style presented in the country is actually very different from the real Mediterranean in many cases. Carefulness will be neither fish nor fowl; but rustic style, without a certain amount of advanced aesthetic taste and accurate grasp of the proportions, a large area of ​​colorful colors, plaids and striped fabrics, etc., make the space become plump up.

Xiao Bian reminded: In fact, the Mediterranean style, for construction and space use are in terms of no advantage, the material how to close the mouth will have hidden dangers, and occupied more than the actual application of space; the other hand, the Mediterranean style looks very The United States, but a lot of clean corners such as arches, mosaics, cobblestones and so on, are indeed a lot of clean corners, and it takes time and effort to handle.

Tips: More practical decoration knowledge, real scene with the shoot, please pay attention to the palm of this site (micro signal: mall_jia).

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