Jihua Liaoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. achieved a profit of 10 million yuan in sales of hard hat products in 2015


Jilin Liaoyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has faced a sharp drop in international crude oil, slowdown in economic growth, severely compressed new construction projects, suspended some enterprises in equipment manufacturing, reduced the operating rate of drilling oil and gas field enterprises, and reduced the demand for helmets. In response to the severe market economic situation, under the support of Jilin Petrochemical Company's policies, we strengthened measures and cemented our efforts to continuously expand the market for hard hat products. The annual sales of safety helmets reached 404,000, and the sales profit was 11.14 million yuan.

In order to ensure the completion of the sales target of 400,000 top helmets throughout the year, this factory has organized the helmet sales special meetings several times to study the measures for sales research and market development, and spared no efforts in sales of hard hats. Take effective measures, be market-oriented, focus on customers, and strengthen the collection and feedback of market information. At the same time, the sales targets were decomposed and implemented, with indicators on everyone's shoulders, and weekly schedules and monthly summaries. With the monthly insurance season and seasonal insurance, the sales performance was remarkable.

Take the sales strategy of "Let's not let go, don't give up". Combine the sales characteristics of hard hat products, identify key work priorities, actively respond to work difficulties, and work with direction, goals, and accurate positioning. The focus of work is always on the sales to benefit. Using online inquiries, telephone communications, mailing samples, brochures, and CD-ROM data, and using contacts to expand the network, the market will be run regardless of holidays, as long as there are new construction sites in the city, contact will be made through various means. To display the hats of the other companies in advance, patiently explain to them the characteristics and cost-effectiveness of the company's helmets, and win the customers' interest and attention.

Strengthen basic work and improve management. Using sales basic data to analyze market demand, through continuous improvement of annual sales data, we have created a template for user demand quantity, procurement time analysis and prediction framework, accurately predict and determine the demand of each user and replace the purchase time information, so that the work is forward-looking And reliable effectiveness. Through the forecasting information, the users are informed to sign the contract, and the pre-sale preparation work is well done. The factory is organized to arrange production in time. Optimize business processes to shorten the return time of arrival receipts, provide guarantees for timely settlement, and ensure that the entire shipment is effectively monitored and controlled, and the basis for settlement is laid.

Constantly expand market development to achieve incremental sales. While working in the development market, this plant has firmly grasped the internal market of CNPC and has newly developed more than 30 domestically-funded oil companies in the year. In the active development of external markets, taking the “going out, looking for market” approach, the external market is divided into major categories such as iron and steel, construction, mining, petrochemical, and electric power, and more than 20 new households are developed one by one. At the same time, it has fully developed the local market and successfully developed the “Eagle Ball” hard hat in the Liaoyuan area with a sales share of over 85%.

Improve service awareness and focus on emotional marketing. Service is the sublimation of a brand concept. Services need to be implemented into real actions. This factory wins customer satisfaction with high-standard services, and actively increases the after-sales service for the old customers. It enhances communication and exchange through various means and establishes a profound friendship. For some users whose helmets have reached the end of their life cycle, they will be reminded one month in advance by phone, text message, or face-to-face communication to allow them to renew their products. They adhere to the service market as the guide and maximize the effectiveness. They start with the details, serve the users with high standards and high quality, win the market emotionally, and do their best to serve the users. Through continuous efforts to fully complete the helmet sales target, the current market share of helmet products in the national market maintained at a high level of more than 80%.

In 2016, the factory will continue to do a good job in sales of hard hats. Strive to hardhat sales performance to a new level.

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