Top Ten Events in China's Coated Abrasives Industry in 2015

Abstract 1. The 2015 China Coating Abrasives International Forum was successfully held on November 11-12, 2015. The 2015 China Coated Abrasives International Forum hosted by the Coating Abrasives Branch was held in Zhengzhou. The theme of this forum is
I. 2015 China Coating Abrasives International Forum successfully held
On November 11-12, 2015, the 2015 China Coated Abrasives International Forum hosted by the Coating Abrasives Branch was held in Zhengzhou. The theme of this forum is "actively integrate into China Manufacturing 2025, build China's coated abrasive industry 4.0, and seek unusual new advantages under the new economic normal." During the two-day period, a total of four special reports were held. A total of 15 domestic and foreign industry experts, scholars, professors and seniors made a keynote report on “Made in China 2025”, coated abrasives and sand at home and abroad. The technical report with the development of grinding, the specific report includes: "Implementation <Made in China 2025> Accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry", "Implement China Manufacturing 2025, Realize the Transformation and Upgrade of China's Coated Abrasives Industry", "World Coating Mill Development Status", "Reducing the Technical Gap between China and Western Abrasives Industry", "Preparation and Application of Superhard Material Abrasive Belts", "Discussion on Test Methods for Abrasive Belt Grinding Performance", "Coated Abrasives Preliminary Study on Surface Properties of Basic Materials, Green Intelligent Manufacturing of Coated Abrasives--Green Intelligentization of Coated Abrasive Production Lines, and the Only Way to Build a Centennial Brand-China Abrasives Industry? "Innovation and Application of the Third Generation Zirconium Corundum Abrasives", "The Status and Prospects of Wood-based Panel Grinding at Home and Abroad", "Research and Application of Rail-Based Rail Grinding Technology", "Preliminary Study on High-speed Rail Polishing Technology Scheme", "To tell the development of superhard material abrasive belts." This forum is a high-level, highly technical international forum. After listening to the audience, it is generally very rewarding and very inspiring. The successful holding of the forum has effectively promoted the development and transformation of the coated abrasive industry in China.

Second, the third Sanmao Exhibition was held
From November 13th to 15th, 2015, the 3rd China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “Innovative Development”, the 3rd Mill Exhibition has an exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters and more than 320 companies participated in the exhibition. Under the background of the global economic downturn and the popularity of relevant exhibitions at home and abroad, this year's exhibition has risen against the trend and attracted high praise from the industry. Nearly 70 coated abrasives companies participated in the exhibition. From the exhibition situation, the coated abrasive industry showed: new domestic coated abrasive products are continuously launched, and the domestic and international markets are speeding up, and docking with high-end applications. The level has improved; the differentiated development of product enterprises has achieved remarkable results; the industrial chain has been unveiled collectively; the international giants have all been present.

Third, the coated abrasives branch 2015 annual industry conference was successfully held
From May 11 to 14, 2015, the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Coated Abrasives Industry and the Standing Director of the Coated Abrasives Branch (Enlarged) will be held in Nanchang, Jiangxi. The central topic of this conference is to summarize and analyze the economic operation situation of the industry and explore the efforts and goals of the industry development under the “new normal”. Leaders and experts from industry associations made special reports covering the macroeconomic situation and policies, the analysis of the development status of coated abrasives, the Internet of coated abrasives and the introduction of new products. During the meeting, the branch raw materials committee and product committee were also held separately. In addition, a grand awarding party was held. The 2014 advanced unit of the coated abrasives branch was commended and the 9th Council of the Coated Abrasives Branch was commended for commending 2013. - Important documents such as the "Decision on the Technology Improvement Award for the Applied Abrasives Industry in 2014" and the "Notice on Confirming the Evaluation Results of the Professional Titles of Coated Abrasives in 2015".

Fourth, the first batch of abrasive belt grinding test machine was officially delivered
The contract for the first batch of six equipments of SDSY-50BM modified CNC belt grinding performance testing machine manufactured by Suzhou Suffolma Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially signed in Suzhou on May 26, 2015. After the installation and commissioning at the end of 2015, Henan Ace Abrasive Fabric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Taier Adhesive (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Xuchang Yinxing Nano Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Yuli Abrasive Belt Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Fengman Composite Materials The representatives of the six companies of Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Mitsubishi Abrasives Co., Ltd. conducted centralized operation training at Sufuma Company, and the machine will be delivered in early 2016. The official delivery of the first batch of six SDSY-50BM improved CNC belt grinding performance testing machines fully demonstrates the improvement of the awareness of the importance of product testing and technical standards in the coated abrasive industry. The entire industry is learning from the past. Manufacturing transitions to speaking by data. The promotion and application of the abrasive belt grinding test machine in the industry will also play a significant role in promoting the technology development, standard setting and standardizing industry behavior of the entire industry.

V. The first draft of the "Development History of Chinese Coated Abrasives"
Since the re-launch of the history of the development of coated abrasives in China, it has received much attention from the industry since its relaunch in August 2014. "The History of the Development of China's Coated Abrasives" is a professional history book. To this end, the Secretariat of the Coated Abrasives Branch has organized seminars for the purpose of realizing the details of the development history, the use of historical materials, and the description of the development of the industry. Clear and accurate. In the joint efforts of the club secretariat, the industry's seniors, senior experts and the help of member companies, the "China's coated abrasives development history" officially completed the first draft in 2015. The purpose of writing a history of industry development is to sum up historical experience and promote future development. This is a good thing for "work in the present and benefit in the future."

6. China's China Belt Abrasive Innovation Development Forum was held in Yancheng
On August 4, 2015, sponsored by China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, sponsored by the People's Government of Dagang Town, Yandu District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China's Machine Tool Industry Association Coating Abrasives Branch and China Cotton Textile Industry Association, Yancheng City The “2015 China Belt Base Fabric Innovation Development Forum” co-organized by Kaiyuan Textile Co., Ltd. was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu. The forum is facing a new normal in the development of the industry. It is urgent to be in the critical period of transformation and upgrading. The upstream and downstream industry associations of coated abrasives, local governments and key enterprises of coated abrasives and raw materials will join hands to discuss new breakthroughs in the textile industry and create coated grinding. The base fabric industry base is an important measure and a successful attempt to help China's coated abrasive tools transformation and upgrading.

7. Progress in the standardization of coated abrasives
In March 2015, the State Council issued the “Deepening Standardization Work Reform Plan”. The plan clearly proposed to cultivate the development group standards. In August, the China Machine Tool Industry Standardization Work Conference was held in Beijing, and the “China Machine Tool Industry Association Association Standard Management Measures” was announced. (Trial), fully launch the relevant work of the association standard. In 2015, the Coating Abrasives Branch actively carried out the work of standardization and standardization. Firstly, it started with the coated abrasive products and the raw materials used, and organized the drafting of “calcined brown fused alumina abrasives for coated abrasives” and “Coating”. Grinding sand disc grinding test method, "coated abrasive fiberglass sand disc tray", "polyester film substrate coated abrasive" and "new latex paper dry grinding coated sandpaper" and many other associations The draft standard will be followed by comments from member companies.

Eighth, the first phase of the coated abrasives professional knowledge training class was successfully held
From June 17th to 19th, 2015, the 2015 coated abrasives professional training course jointly organized by the Coated Abrasives Branch and the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Henan University of Technology was held at Hegong University. The training course mainly explained the technical knowledge and development of superhard material coated abrasive technology, coated abrasive bonding technology and application, matrix classification treatment, coated abrasive performance testing and common waste analysis and other professional technical knowledge, 35 units. More than 60 participants attended the training. The successful holding of the training class further strengthened the technical exchanges between the member units, which is conducive to better solving the problems in practical application, improving the professional and technical quality and innovation ability of everyone, and adapting to the needs of the industry's development and transformation under the current new normal. Important initiatives and effective forms.

Nine, the automatic pendulum machine enterprise development is a cliff-like drop
The automatic swinging machine for coated abrasive products is a kind of manufacturing equipment that has developed rapidly in China in recent years. Its appearance has quickly realized the leap from the manual operation to the mechanical automation of coated abrasive products in China. It was a good thing but it went to the opposite side. This started from 2010 and it took less than four or five years to reach the peak of small equipment manufacturing. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than a dozen manufacturers of pendulum machines in the country. At present, relevant enterprises have been suspended from production, stalemate, and there are also enterprises that have gone bankrupt. Of course, there are also high-end routes to enter the international market, and focus on innovation based on the domestic, automatic pendulum machine enterprise development presents a cliff-like drop. This phenomenon once again warns us that the development of industry enterprises requires more rationality, more innovation, more ethics, and accurate positioning, rational competition, and innovative development.

X. Coated abrasives enterprises actively participate in the "Anti-Unfair Competition Convention"
In December 2014, China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association issued the “China Anti-Unfair Competition Convention for Machine Tool Industry” (hereinafter referred to as the “Convention”). In response to the implementation of the General Conference Convention, the Secretariat of the Coated Abrasives Branch was held in January 2015. The 2015 Coated Abrasives Subcommittee Committee's executive expansion meeting introduced the Convention and discussed the contents of the Proposal proposed by the Convention to all members in conjunction with the actual situation of the coated abrasive industry. At the end of January, the Coating Abrasives Branch officially issued an anti-unfair competition proposal to all member companies to encourage enterprises to join the convention. In May, the branch held a symposium on unfair competition in industrial fabric manufacturing plants. Up to now, more than 100 coated abrasives companies have joined the Convention. Standardizing the business order, purifying the market environment, and protecting the normal and legitimate interests of enterprises are the major problems that need to be solved urgently; obeying business ethics and opposing unfair competition are important tasks that every enterprise and every operator in the industry must practice.

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