Characteristics and Identification of Counterfeit Seals

As the prices of various petrochemical products continue to rise, some irresponsible manufacturers have started unfair competition from raw materials (the so-called cutting of materials, shoddy goods).
The key to doors and windows is the seal, the seal is good or bad, the seal plays a decisive role. The seal material used in the market is generally modified by pvc. In the soft pvc plays a key role is added inside the plasticizer, the current more stable plasticizers are dioctyl phthalate, dibutyl ester. However, the current market price is very high. Some unscrupulous traders have used some other cheap things instead of (waste oil, the remaining oil base in the refinery, etc.), which has brought a lot of hidden dangers to consumers.
Its product features: 1, the emergence of surface oil leakage analysis. Those waste engine oils are not soluble in PVC at all, and the surface of the sealing strip is prone to grease, and the surface of the profile is also stained with yellow marks. Even without environmental protection there are many volatile substances that pollute the air. 2, When the so-called plasticizer volatilizes or bleeds out, the sealing strip loses its original softness, becomes very hard, and quickly ages and shrinks, so that a large gap appears in the closed part of the window and door, and the airtightness is closed. Sex becomes poor (leakage, dust leakage) Especially steel linings inside steel doors and windows will be quickly corroded, and many users often find that in the rainy season, many red liquids are very dirty from the beading parts inside the windows. That is the doors and windows leaking steel. Lining is eroded too early and the life of doors and windows will be greatly reduced.
In the manufacturing process of doors and windows, the proportion of investment in sealing strips is small, but its role can not be ignored. Therefore, we should not use those counterfeit products in order to reduce the cost. The identification method is very simple, one, smell with the nose if there is a peculiar smell, normal pvc material will have a little son of alcohol, almost no smell can not smell. Second, the seal as tightly wrapped around the profile, placed at high temperatures for a period of time (on the roof or sunny place). Look at the contact surface between the surface of the profile and the sealing strip for signs of discoloration. Whether the dust on the surface of the sealing strip is yellow (oil is easily absorbed by the soil) or if the oil is dirty, is it dirty? Third, some of the cheaper seal fillers will be many, so the surface will not be very bright, those very cheap appearance is very bright and undesirable. Fourth, to see the proportion, how many meters per kilogram. There are a lot of unscrupulous traders who are trying to use fillers. We generally use smaller proportions of fillers to reduce the cost (light calcium carbonate). The proportion will not change much, but some manufacturers are pursuing bigger ones. Production, (a little electricity in the province) uses talcum powder, heavy calcium and the like as fillers, which greatly increases the proportion of the sealing strip products (usually our customers usually buy by kilograms, according to the length). Increased costs. Add a heavy calcium seal and you will stretch it back and forth several times by hand. A small amount of white powder will appear on the surface.

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