Wire must be worn? Wear these points when wearing

When fitting water and electricity, the circuit wires need to pass through. This common phenomenon, some people do not know why it is necessary to wear the Wire. From the design of water and electricity to the safety of home life, we must be clear about what we do not understand. So, let's take a look at why we should pay attention to the reason why we should use the wires and the wires.

First, it is unknown. So why must the wires be worn?

1. Pipeline wiring is the foundation for cloth “live lines”, laying the foundation for future line maintenance, replacement, and household intelligence;

2, cooling effect. Because the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire is determined by the load, there is usually a surplus in the wiring, but it can still alleviate the wire heating caused by special conditions;

3, to prevent damage to the insulation layer of the wire. If buried directly in the cement mortar, the silicate may erode the insulating layer of the wire, causing the insulation of the wire to drop and causing a short circuit;

4, to prevent fire. In case of electric short-circuit causing the wire insulation to ignite, the line tube can play a role in preventing the flame from spreading, because the line tube is made of flame-retardant material and does not burn itself, which is usually called “flame-retardant tube”. If you don't use a wire tube, there are other wires or flammable materials next to the wire that are dangerous.

Second, there are no matters, what must pay attention to the issue of wire wear pipe?

1. According to the trenches arranged in the construction site, the pipes should be arranged and arranged on the wall and on the roof when pipes are arranged in the room with water. Strong and weak wires are not allowed to go to the floor of the kitchen, bathroom balcony;

2. The height of switch installed in rows should be the same, and the difference between height and height should not exceed 2mm. The distance between the cassettes is 10mm, the height of the socket from the ground is generally at least 300mm, the position of the switch is generally 1300mm from the ground;

3, strong and weak wires should be laid through the pipe, different types of lines may not be installed in the same line pipe. In the wiring process, the junction box is used at the junction of the line pipe, and the connection cap is used at the junction. Color separation when wiring;

4. The layout of the wall pipe should be smooth and vertical, as far as possible without bending. If there is a bend, there should be no obvious creases in the turn. The distance between strong and weak electricity must be greater than or equal to 150mm to prevent cable signals from becoming unclear. The distance between the gas pipe and the electric pipe can not be less than 150mm;

5. When threading, the sum of the cross-sectional area of ​​the wires passed through a wire tube must be less than 40% of the cross-section of the tube. In general, 16mm wires should not exceed 3 wires, and 20mm wires should not exceed 4 wires.

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