Home improvement living room decoration renderings are so many, there is always a suitable for you

After the house is installed, everyone is happy to stay, but in fact, home life is inconvenient in the end, and only know after living. The editor has collected the complaints of netizens, summed up the 10 unfavorable home life, look at a few in your home!

1. The storage space is never enough, there is always no place to put things

At the beginning, I felt that there were a lot of lockers in the house, but I actually found that the storage space was completely insufficient. From time to time, there will be no place to put things, especially after having children.


2. The kitchen is so smokey that it is difficult to clean the cabinet walls

The kitchen's oil smoke is very large. After the cabinet walls are stained, it is extremely difficult to clean up. If the homeowner often makes an open kitchen while cooking, please be sure to equip a good range hood, otherwise it will be easy to smell the whole space.


3. The entrance is inconvenient

Some of them forgot to design the shoe-changing stool when designing the porch, and felt tired when changing their shoes. Others are not enough storage space for the entrance design, the shoes are placed on the ground, messy.


4. The socket is not enough

The socket is not reserved enough, and when it is finally found to be used, it is completely insufficient.


5. The facilities for the elderly and children are not good, and the elderly and children are easily injured

Homeowners with elderly people do not take into account the elderly care facilities and anti-skid treatment when they are renovating, which leads to the situation that the soles of the living room and bathroom will slip when they get wet. Old people and children are easily injured if they don't pay attention.


6. The bathroom sink is always dirty

Some homeowners on the bathroom countertop choose the glass material for beauty, but it is very beautiful at the beginning, but it is very inconvenient to take care of it later, especially because scratches are easy to appear. In addition, there is not enough storage space in the bathroom, which causes a lot of things to be placed on the washbasin, which is always messy.


7. Forget to install a water trap in the sewer

Sewers and drains are not installed in the sewers, causing odor to flow back is the cause of odor in many toilets, especially if this work is not completed during the base installation, it will be very troublesome later.


8. Cooking in summer like a sauna

There is no ventilation fan installed in the kitchen, so once in summer, even if the range hood is turned on, cooking is the same as steaming the sauna.


9. The chandelier chose the chandelier with the lamp mouth up

In order to look good during the decoration, I chose a large chandelier with a light up, and found it difficult to clean when cleaning.


10. The bathroom is not wet and dry isolation

Some owners felt that dry and wet isolation was not important at the beginning of the renovation. In the end, they found that after taking a bath, the bathroom was full of water mist. If the ventilation is not enough, bacteria and small bugs can easily breed.


You must think about it before the decoration, otherwise there will be various inconveniences, I do n’t know if this home life is not suitable, how many things are in your house?


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