N35uh 50X25X6mm Block NdFeB Magnet with Neodymium Magnetic Material

Model NO.: N35UH 50X25X6mm
Trademark: PMT
Specification: N35UH 50X25X6mm
Origin: China
HS Code: 8505111000

Permanent neodymium magnet UH series grade (N28UH ,N30UH ,N33UH ,N35UH ,N38UH ,N40UH ,N42UH ,N45UH ) is for DC motor and wind turbine can bear 180C .The coercivity is >25KOe . It can bear induced magnetic field demagnetization and high temperature.

1 We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting ndfeb magnet.
2 Our superiority lies in small and complex shaped, high grades sintered ndfeb magnet.
3 Our company has advanced manufacturing and quality control equipments and outstanding technicians.  
1 Our sintered ndfeb magnet mainly composed of neodymium, iron, boron and a few transition metals, is the third generation of the rare-earth permanent magnets.
2 Sintered ndfeb magnet is the strongest permanent magnets in the world, possess high Remanence, Max. Energy up to 52MGOe and wonderful coercive force.
3 At present, there are 7 series we could produce towards sintered ndfeb magnet: N, M, H, SH, UH, EH, AH.
4 We can provide various kinds of surface coating and complicated shapes of magnet, as well as multi-pole magnetizing.
Price and Service
Professional technology team 
Advantageous price for small size, complex shape and high-grade products
We will serve you under the principle "Best quality, Excellent service".
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Samples are always available.
Welcome your magnet and magnetic assemblies inquiries, welcome your visiting to our factory.
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N35uh 50X25X6mm Block NdFeB Magnet with Neodymium Magnetic Material

N35uh 50X25X6mm Block NdFeB Magnet with Neodymium Magnetic Material

N35uh 50X25X6mm Block NdFeB Magnet with Neodymium Magnetic Material
N35uh 50X25X6mm Block NdFeB Magnet with Neodymium Magnetic Material

N35uh 50X25X6mm Block NdFeB Magnet with Neodymium Magnetic Material
N35uh 50X25X6mm Block NdFeB Magnet with Neodymium Magnetic Material

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