During the New Year's Day, the temperature in Fujian is low, and it is necessary to do a good job of keeping warm the crops.

The Fujian Meteorological Bureau released the weather forecast today. It is expected that the temperature of the whole province will be lower due to cold air. The following are specific forecasts:

According to the current data analysis, during the New Year's Day, the province was affected by strong cold air. The weather was mainly cold weather and the temperature was low.

The daily weather forecast is as follows:

On January 1st, the weather in the whole province was sunny and some of the counties and cities in the northwest were foggy in the morning.

On January 2, the weather in the whole province turned fine and cloudy. Some counties and cities in the northwest of the country had fog in the morning.

On January 3, the weather in the inland areas was cloudy and there were small showers in the local counties and cities, and the rest were cloudy.

From 1 to 3, there will be 7 to 9 northerly winds along the coast of the province.


1. During the New Year's Day, the temperature in all parts of Fujian Province is low, and attention should be paid to the cold and warmth of crops;

2. In the northwestern part of the country, the visibility in the morning is poor, the coastal winds are large, and the offshore operations need to be safe.

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