A global roadmap to enhance the competitiveness of China's machine tool industry

As an important supporting means for the upgrading of the industrial structure of the equipment manufacturing industry, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the implementation of the special control of CNC machine tools should focus on the following four aspects: First, focus on the key areas of national economic construction, national major projects and strategies. The development of emerging industries, in-depth understanding of user needs. The second is to highlight the company's innovative subject position and focus on user manufacturing process research. The third is to further explore institutional and institutional innovations and form a long-term operational mechanism. The fourth is to strengthen the cultivation and introduction of talents and emphasize the strategic role of intellectual property. According to the data, China has become the world's largest producer, consumer and importer of machine tools. Chinese machine tools are more closely linked to the world market. In order to adapt to the new trend of economic globalization and the new pattern of competition in the world machine tool market, and to enhance the international competitiveness of China's machine tool industry, the “going out” of Chinese machine tool enterprises is an industry consensus and a necessary path for future development. To create a new channel for the modern equipment manufacturing in the west , and to bring to Chongqing a new international channel, not only the rapid development of IT manufacturing, but also the new silk industry road, Chongqing will bring more emerging industry development into its own layout. The range, high-end CNC machine tools is one of them. Recently, with the promulgation of the "12th Five-Year Plan for Chongqing's Industrial Transformation and Upgrading", Chongqing has fully utilized the advantages of the "New Europe" railway logistics channel to explore a new model of local parts manufacturing - European assembly - global sales, quietly The launch of the layout, and this emerging business area, in the next five years, is expected to generate annual sales revenue of 50 billion yuan. According to Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Suppliers, in addition to focusing on the development of CNC machine tools, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Chongqing will also have 11 foundations in intelligent wind power equipment, rail transit equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. And the superior equipment industry cluster is fully exerted. Focus on the development of 5 MW wind power equipment, LPG carriers, stainless steel chemical tankers, CNC gear processing machines, large hydraulic machine tools, high horsepower diesel engines, UHV AC and DC transformers, helicopters, waste incineration equipment, shield machines, cranes, large More than 50 key machine products such as screw compressors and excavators. By 2015, the entire equipment manufacturing sector will have a total investment of 200 billion yuan, and realize a sales income of 400 billion yuan, forming 3 to 5 sets of complete sets of equipment and complete sets of equipment with a sales value of over 10 billion yuan and a group of "specialized, fine, "Specialized" component companies have become the highland of modern equipment manufacturing in China. High-end industrial chain competition weapon Taiwan, China is the world's leading producer of medium and high-end machine tools. The product design concept is advanced, the technology is exquisite, the performance is stable, and the price is high. It has a prominent position in the international machine tool industry. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Suppliers, said that Taiwan's machine tools are mainly concentrated in the machine tool industry clusters such as Taichung, Changhua and Taipei. Fuyu Enterprise Co., Ltd., Yintai Technology Co., Ltd., Kangbaishi Enterprise Group, Taiwan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd., Delta Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., Feipu Industrial Co., Ltd., Hesheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., etc. The main target, functional components and accessory manufacturers in the enterprise development target positioning, organizational structure and management system, etc. There are aspects to learn from. 1. The main objective of positioning to meet overseas demand is that the area of ​​Taiwan is not large, and the land area is less than one-fifth of that of Hunan Province. The market capacity of machine tools on the island is very limited, so they have long positioned the market target of the development of machine tool industry. In overseas demand. As early as 1994, Taiwan has entered the ranks of the world's top ten machine tool exporters, and has maintained a good development trend. In 2010, production and sales have returned to the level of 2008 before the financial crisis. According to the statistics of Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, the output value of machine tools in Taiwan in 2010 was 3.803 billion US dollars, up 68% over the previous year. It is the sixth largest machine tool production area in the world. In 2010, Taiwan's machine tool exports exceeded 78% of total output value. It is 2.995 billion US dollars, an increase of 72% over the previous year. It is the fourth largest machine tool export area in the world, and its export ranking is second only to Japan, Germany and Italy. This year, thanks to the cross-strait ECFA agreement and the transfer effect brought by the appreciation of the yen, the production and sales volume of machine tools in Taiwan has increased substantially. The annual export volume is expected to exceed 4 billion US dollars, which is expected to surpass Italy to become the world's third largest machine tool exporter. The enterprises we visited this time accounted for more than 50% of the total output value. Some enterprises even directly target the market target in the mainland, and Yintai Technology Co., Ltd., which produces ball lead screws and linear guides, has a ball lead screw. It has already achieved the third place in the world. In 2010, the company's output value was about 100 million US dollars, and exports accounted for about 55%, of which exports to the mainland accounted for more than 45%. 2, mature technology and high cost performance is a competitive weapon Taiwan's machine tool industry, whether it is a main engine factory, a functional component factory or a supporting factory, the products produced are relatively mature in technology. For example, Fuyu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the only manufacturer of machine tools in Taiwan that spans grinding machines, CNC grinding machines, milling machines, CNC milling machines, CNC machining machines and CNC lathes. Each production process has specific technical specifications. Strict operation according to the specifications, thus creating an efficient and accurate product image of processing performance. In the same way, Yintai Technology Co., Ltd. has strict selection of materials, excellent production equipment and fine quality management, which determines their leading position in the production of machine tool accessories in Taiwan. Most of Taiwan's machine tool companies' products are positioned in mid-range products with a large volume. They know that there is a gap between high-end machine tools and advanced countries such as Germany and Switzerland, so they choose medium-end products with higher cost performance as their development goals, and continue to scale up. The Taiwanese machine tools sold in the mainland in the past few years are of this grade. Although the performance and technical indicators are not the most advanced, they are more practical and can meet the needs of most users. For example, Kangbaishi Enterprise Group, as an internationally renowned manufacturer of hydraulic components, its brand is not as loud as the world-class brands such as Rexroth, but with its good cost performance, its main products such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, coolers and rotary cylinders have been Into more than 70 countries and regions, nearly half of the production of products sold to the mainland. From the spindles of Poussin, to the screw bars of HIWIN, the guide rails of PMI, and the chucks of Jiahe, Taiwan's functional components have become the most used brands in the mainland machine tool industry. 3. Supporting the development of clusters and clusters into regional advantages Professional division of labor and supporting cooperation promote the high concentration and efficient development of Taiwan's machine tool industry. The division of labor and cooperation in the industry chain is an important feature brought by the modern division of labor and technology to the modern manufacturing industry. It is also an important feature of the Taiwan machine tool industry. More than 90% of Taiwan's machine tool manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in Taichung. The professional supporting capacity here is very strong, and most of the matching parts can be purchased in the region. A mainframe factory is provided by dozens or even more supporting factories. The main engine factory is closely following the development trend of modern manufacturing technology, focusing on the research and development of key core technologies, product assembly and commissioning and reliability testing, etc. The development prospects of the industry and the technical requirements of the main engine factory, specializing in R&D testing and lean production of functional components, and handing over to the OEMs are the finished components of the group. The OEM does not need to re-process and directly assemble. The production of some components is also based on a highly socialized division of labor. Deta, which produces the tool magazine, does not produce a tool magazine part itself, all provided by the collaborating unit. After the key parts (such as tool holders) enter the factory, 100 % inspection, the test bench performs 1 million tool change tests on the tool magazine to ensure reliable operation of the tool magazine produced on the user's hand. This industrial structure model abandons the traditional "big and complete" and "small and complete" organizational structure of the machinery industry, transforming closed industrial organizations into open collaborative relationships, each specialized and improving the technological added value of their products. Formed a small giant enterprise in all aspects of the industrial chain. A machine tool often has dozens or even hundreds of supporting factories to provide matching, how to ensure quality and delivery time? Chen Shichang, manager of Greater China, Fuyu Enterprise Co., Ltd. said that the integrity management will closely connect the main engine factory and the supporting factory. The integrity between the OEM and the supporting plant was established in the long-term cooperation. If the supporting factory cannot guarantee the quality and delivery time, it will lose its reputation and lose its market. Therefore, the supporting factory pays great attention to product quality and delivery time. Similarly, the OEM also supports the reputable supporting factories. Some of the OEMs also pay for the equipment to be used by the supporting factories. The equipments are deducted in batches in the payment to achieve mutual benefit. Such a close-knit and well-equipped industrial chain has formed a situation in which Taiwan's machine tool industry clusters are closely clustered, promoted, and developed together. High- precision and diversified wins In recent years, the market share and numerical control rate of China's machine tool products are constantly improving. However, in terms of high-end machine tools, China has always required a large number of imports from abroad, especially from Europe. According to Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Association of Moulds and Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers, in 2010, the trade deficit of China's machine tool products was 8.04 billion US dollars, an increase of 81.07% year-on-year, a record high in recent years. In the world machine tool industry, the European machine tool industry has maintained a leading position in the world machine tool market for many years with its highly innovative, diversified and precision products. Compared with local Chinese companies, the main advantages of European machine tools are product quality (73%), product innovation and design (70%), and management efficiency (69%). Especially in the industrial goods and services industry, 82% of respondents believe that the quality of products is a major competitive advantage. DMG, Slyfoss, these brands are well-known in the industry, and their products have become synonymous with high-end manufacturing. Despite the financial crisis, although some of the world's manufacturing powers, including the United States, have regarded the manufacturing industry as a sunset industry. Although there is no denying that the world manufacturing industry has a gradient transfer phenomenon, the European machine tool industry clearly does not say anything. Give up your position in the manufacturing industry. On the basis of knowing its own characteristics and adhering to its own advantages, the European machine tool industry has raised such a future for itself: “To build a European knowledge-based and competitive and growing manufacturing industry, we must protect this major industry in Europe.” At the same time, they also fully adhere to and expand their own advantages, and hope to increase the global market share to 80% in high-precision machine tool manufacturing. According to Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Association of Molds and Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers, the German Siemens Group and the National Development and Reform Commission signed a memorandum of understanding, which China will support in areas including energy conservation, smart transmission, carbon capture technology and sustainable transportation systems. Green technology development. Smart grids, electric vehicles, these are the contents of the seven strategic emerging industries that China just identified last year. When some Chinese equipment companies are still conducting discussions such as "How to support emerging industries" and "Where are the supporting methods and ways?", Siemens has already made its debut. In 2011, European machine tool production grew strongly, and European machine tools will occupy a significant share of the world's machine tool production. ·European machine tool production is expected to grow faster than the world average. The future development trend depends heavily on the stability of public finances. EMO Hannover 2011 confirms that Europe is the leader in manufacturing advanced solutions. It is expected to increase by 20% from 2010 to reach 20 billion euros. The growth of machine tool production is mainly driven by exports. It is expected that the export value of machine tools in Europe will increase by nearly 1/4 in 2011 to reach 15.7 billion euros. CECIMO Chairman Michael Hauser concluded: “The recovery in European manufacturing has also contributed to the growth of European machine tool imports and consumption. In 2011, European machine tool consumption will increase by 2 billion euros to reach 11.3 billion euros.” Compared to the world average, European machine tool production not only accounts for the largest share of world machine tool production, but this share will continue to expand. Frank Brinken, Chairman of the CECIMO Economic Committee, predicts: "In 2012, the share of European machine tool production in the world will increase from 33.3% in 2010 to 34.6%." There are many uncertainties in the trial production in the next few quarters. The European machine tool industry is recovering from the crisis, but the industry is now facing another uncertain volatility and deteriorating market confidence. Frank Brinken stressed: "At present, the world and European economic prospects are unclear. In Europe, the supply chain of the manufacturing supply chain is generally blocked. If these problems cannot be solved in time, it will seriously affect the development of the European machine tool industry. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. It will be more obvious.” In the new world economic situation, the European machine tool industry has also made a lot of efforts to meet the new era. Under the guidance of the “EU in 2020: aiming to build a smart, environmentally friendly market”, European machine tools have begun to use “green, environmental protection” as their main card.

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