Warm-weather compound fertilizer companies eager to rise

The compound fertilizer market slowly opened the curtain for a new round of price increases last week. In terms of market prices, the price of Jin Zhengda rose by 80 yuan/ton per ton, 45% S (15-15-15) factory rose to 2,930 yuan/ton, and 45%CL (15-15-15) rose to 2,790 yuan/ton; Hubei Yihua 45% S (14-16-15) ex-factory prices rose to 2770 yuan / ton; now the compound fertilizer market 45S% (15-15-15) mainstream factory price has risen to 2800-2950 yuan / ton; composite Fertilizer starter: March of previous years should be the peak sales season of compound fertilizers, but this year's market sales situation is relatively deserted, leading to a slight decline in the start of fertilizer plant, there is no large number of new single support, fertilizer manufacturers can only produce pre-orders Mainly, in the downstream market: Now the market is more prosperous in the northwestern region, northeastern and southern China, and other regions are using fertilizers only sporadically. With the warming of the weather, market outlook will remain optimistic.

[forecast] weather: the recent slight cooling and precipitation, to bring good news for the end-use fertilizer; as the gradual warming of the terminal, the terminal market will gradually start. In terms of downstream distributors, distributors have been cautious in this year's Spring Festival, inventory is not large, terminal farmers have not bought fertilizers in advance, and the idea of ​​selling them now when they are in demand may lead to short-term procurement peaks in the fertilizer market; raw materials market Aspect: The rise of urea stabilized this week, the market price of ammonium phosphate began to rise, and the potash increased hard. Although the price of raw materials was up, the actual transaction price rose slightly. It is predicted that the market price of compound fertilizer will continue to make up for this week.

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