Home Quality Inspection Station: How to Buy Security Doors

A good "security door" is the protection of life and property. Anti-theft door has a flat open, push-pull, folding, fence and other structural forms, the family is mainly used flat open. When purchasing, focus on the five factors of anti-theft performance and quality:

1. The certificate of conformity must have a certificate of inspection issued by a statutory testing agency, and a production safety permit for production of safety technology and defense products issued by the safety technical protection department of the provincial public security bureau (bureau).

2. Security Level Security door security is divided into A, B, C3 level. C-class anti-theft performance is the highest, followed by Class B, Class A is the lowest, and the market is mostly Class A, which is generally applicable to general families. Class A requirements: All steel, fully enclosed open, common mechanical hand tools and portable power tools interact with each other, its weakest link can resist the abnormal opening of the net time ≥ 15 minutes, or should not be able to cut a wear The 615 square centimeter hole through the door.

3. The material is currently more commonly used stainless steel, beautiful, durable, anti-rust. Mainly to see two points: 1 brand is now popular stainless steel security door material grade 302,304 mainly; 2 plate thickness door frame steel plate thickness is not less than 2cm, the front and rear panel thickness of the door is generally between 0.8cm ~ 1cm, the door has an internal Skeleton and reinforcement board.

4. The security door with qualified locks generally adopts three-position locks or five-position locks. Not only the door locks but also the upper and lower cross-bars can be inserted and locked to fix the door. Most doors also have rubber seals embedded in the door frame, and no harsh metallic impact sound is emitted when the door is closed.

5. Process quality Attention to see whether there are defects such as open welding, unwelding, and missed welding. See if the joints of the door leaf and the door frame are all compact, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, and whether the paint plating is uniform and smooth.

Security door three trees paint stainless steel paint

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