A few steps to make your basin bright like new

JOYOU Zhongyu bathroom

1. Keep the table top bright and clean. Please clean the table regularly or regularly. The appearance of soft porcelain bristles or sponges is a neutral cleansing and cleansing. Once the countertops are fouled, they can be washed with detergent, toothpaste, cleanser or weak acid at a concentration of 5%. Remember not to use wire brushes, or scrub with hard brushes, alkaline chemicals or solvents, as small scratches will form on the surface of the basin to make it rough and easy to deposit dirt.

2, to avoid hard objects or heavy objects hit the ceramic basin.

3, under the embedded wash basin, in the clean-up, special attention should be paid to the bottom of the table and the basin joints dead part.

4. Please correctly place the washbasin and normal use method. Do not use the washbasin as a handrail or placing heavy articles or even sitting on the basin because the installation is not solid enough or used improperly. As a result, the washbasin will fall and break. .

5, regular maintenance: the bottom of the water elbow can be removed, remove the accumulated dirt, can maintain smooth drainage.

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