The purchase of quartzite

The name of limestone is limestone, which is the most widely distributed type of rock in sedimentary rocks and is produced throughout the country. The main components are calcium carbonate, clay, silica, and magnesium oxide. When the silica is high, the hardness of the quartzite plate is high, the weight of the quartzite is 1000-2600 kg/m3, the compressive strength is 10 to 100 MPa, and the material is soft and easy to weather.
The quartzite slabs are easy to be made into thin slabs of small area. In the past, they were often used in gardens as ground and roof tiles. Because of its simple nature, some interior decorations use it for partial wall decoration, and the effect of returning to nature is popular. The quartzite takes its natural effect of tanning, and the surface is generally not polished or subjected to force. It can be used as long as there is no crack in the selection.


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