Bedding products should be based on personal cooling and heating sensitivity

A good set of bedding should help sleep

Research shows that sleep accounts for one-third of the life of modern people and is the most indispensable part of our daily life. Bedding is the second layer of skin, and a good product helps to improve sleep quality. A good set of bedding should be light, soft, hygroscopic, warm, environmentally friendly, breathable and so on.

Strictly speaking, bedding includes five major items. Kit: bed cover, bed cover, bed sheet, quilt cover, pillow core, core, cleaning pad, winter pillowcase, summer pillowcase (envelope pillowcase), long pillowcase, pillow, etc.; parts: quilt cover, summer cover, bed sheet, mattress, pillow , summer pillowcase (envelope pillowcase); pillow: pillow for pure sleep, pillow with health function; class: quilt of polyester filler, natural filler; peripheral products: including all kinds of pillows , cushions, waist pads, cushions, sofa beds, etc.

It doesn't matter if such a professional classification is not known, but the quilts and pillows that are closely related to our health cannot be ignored.

The quilt's four major investigation factors can not be less

Whether it is the warmth of the quilt or the temperature of the whole room will have an impact on the quality of sleep. The perception of temperature varies from person to person. Each person's body temperature is different. To have a comfortable warm sleep, you need to create a moderate indoor temperature, and choose the right quilt according to your sensitivity to cold and warm.

Common quilts on the market are 150 x 200 (suitable for single beds), 200 x 200 (suitable for 5 foot double beds) and 240 x 200 (suitable for 6 foot double beds). When buying a quilt, try to buy a larger size to avoid the situation where the head is ignored.

The quilt is not thicker and warmer. The warmth of the quilt depends on a variety of comprehensive factors, such as the type and quantity of the filler. Even the processing technology and the sewing method will affect the warmth of the quilt. A person who is afraid of cold can choose a double quilt, because two people cover a quilt, which will increase the temperature inside the quilt.

Weight: The weight and thickness of the quilt are appropriate. Experts believe that the weight of the quilt will have a great impact on the quality of sleep. If the quilt is too heavy, it will press the chest, resulting in a decrease in lung capacity. It is easy to be a nightmare: blind pursuit of the quilt is not good, and may make the sleeping person feel unreliable. It is best to choose a quilt with a little weight according to your preference, such as a quilt, a seven-hole quilt, etc.

Thickness: From a medical point of view, if the quilt is too thick, the temperature of the sleeping body will increase, the metabolism will be accelerated, and the sweat will be thickened after the sweat is removed, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular obstruction.

Breathability: The breathability of the quilt affects the humidity of the bed, and the humidity inside the bed is also an important factor affecting sleep. When sleeping, the sweat is often evaporated, and the humidity of the bed is often higher than 60%, which causes the skin to be stimulated. The relative humidity in the bed is kept at 50% to 60%. However, the small environment created by the quilt will also be affected by the region and the season. The climate in the south is damp, and the breathable quilt will give people a sense of comfort. It is best to choose silk quilts and seven holes. In dry and cold areas, good air permeability is not suitable for the human body's requirements for environmental humidity, you may wish to cover a quilt.

Temperature: According to the study, when the temperature of the bed is between 32 ° C and 34 ° C, people are most likely to fall asleep. The temperature of the bed is low, and it takes a long time to use body temperature to heat up. It not only consumes the heat energy of the human body, but also the surface of the body after a period of cold stimulation will excite the cerebral cortex, thereby delaying the time of falling asleep or causing sleep.

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Personal habits are reference standards

When choosing a quilt that suits you, the temperature of the room and the temperature of the bed must be considered. If you prefer a colder room, you may need a warmer quilt, if you prefer a hot house, the opposite is true.

Those who like to cover a quilt should choose a quilt that is 40-60cm larger than the bed.

New materials are also the key to choice. Some brands have introduced high-tech “tempering quilts”. By using phase change materials, the quilts are automatically adjusted by the internal temperature according to the body temperature and the temperature is kept constant. The tempering lining is a special material between the filler and the fabric between the paraffin microcapsule layers. When the temperature rises, it can melt and absorb heat, and when the temperature is lowered, it can solidify and release heat.

Children who sleep easily sweat, choose a breathable quilt, including quilts and pillows with down filling; quilts and pillows with cellulosic fibers; chemical fiber quilts and pillows with tempered lining. At the same time, according to individual circumstances, such as whether there is aphid allergy, with or without asthma, cold and heat sensitivity, etc. to choose the right product.

Pillow sleeping position is the most important selection criterion

For a comfortable and healthy sleep, a suitable pillow is also an essential element. The pillow should have comfortable support for the head and neck, so that the spine is level, and people can safely enter the dream.

Pillow and temperature

After people fall asleep, the head temperature is generally between 34 ° C - 34.5 ° C, a few degrees lower than the body temperature, the head temperature is too high to sleep. Choose a pillow that meets regional and seasonal characteristics to maintain optimal head sleep temperature. Therefore, different latitudes and different seasons, the choice of cold pillows, warm pillows are also very different, the average person often adds a mat on the pillow in summer.

Pillow and height

Whether you are sleeping on your back or sleeping on the side, choose the pillow that makes you feel most comfortable. Everyone's sleep habits are different. Some people like pillow pillows, some people like low pillows, some people like sleep without pillows, as long as they feel comfortable, which kind of pillow can be. Healthy sleep posture is supine and sideways, not recommended for prone, especially for children, when the pillow is too soft, prone to suffocation.

In general, the high pillow makes the cervical vertebra too pre-curved, the soft tissue of the neck is too tight and fatigue, and it is prone to stiff neck. Over time, it will cause morphological changes in the neck bones, such as physiological bending and straightening. If you have neck ache, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia, etc., or if you sleep and sleep halfway, you may feel numb, maybe because the pillow is too high. Sleepless sleep or low pillows may cause congestion in the head, which may cause eyelids and facial swelling, and the lower jaw will lift upwards, making it easy to breathe and snoring. If the neck and shoulders are sore after awakening, it is caused by the pillow being too low, not using a pillow or the pillow being too soft. In addition, too low a pillow will make the blood supply less balanced, which may cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa. The nasal mucosa is very sensitive, and a swelling can affect your breathing.

Pillow and hardness

The contact area between the hard pillow and the head is reduced, the pressure is increased, and the scalp is uncomfortable; the pillow is too soft to maintain a certain height, which may cause excessive fatigue of the neck muscle and affect the smoothness of breathing, which is not conducive to sleep.

Pillow and sleeping position

Sleeping posture is the most important reference factor for choosing a pillow. Because different sleeping postures require pillows of different heights, the head, neck and spine can be kept as horizontal as possible, so that the muscles can be fully relaxed, and the head and neck and chest and back are kept straight. Those who are used to lying down should choose a low pillow, those on the back should fit a high pillow, while those who prefer a side sleep need a higher pillow. People who are in a position to sleep are mainly in the most common posture, and two types of functional pillows are also available.

The sleeping position also determines the height of the pillow (children need a low pillow, the baby can not use the pillow); the head is in the center of the pillow, the shoulder is not on the pillow; the sleeping position is frequently changed, and multiple pillows can be used; the softness of the mattress also affects the pillow. select.

People who are used to sleeping are using a soft low pillow to reduce neck pressure; sleep on a medium pillow to average weight, the head and neck are at the same level as the upper spine; side sleepers can use a strong high pillow, head and neck with middle and lower The spine is at the same level; people who change posture often use soft, flexible pillows to make each position comfortable, and natural-filled pillows are the most flexible.

The number of pillows is determined by the sleeping position and the curve of the head and neck and the upper part of the spine. Two thin pillows may be the right choice. When using two pillows, the bottom one should be strong and the top should be soft.

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People with bad cervical vertebrae should choose carefully

People with uncomfortable cervical spine must make the spine level when sleeping. People with disc herniation should choose to lie on their back. Do not pursue the function of the pillow too much, as long as it can guarantee the normal physiological curvature of the neck when sleeping on the side and sleeping on the side, the height is moderate, the texture is soft, and the breathability is good, which is a good pillow for sleeping.

In addition, pillows, especially buckwheat pillows, should be cleaned and dried frequently, and can be replaced every 1-3 years, because old and dirty pillows are prone to mold, mites, allergies or respiratory diseases.

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How to protect the quilt and pillow

Shake the bedding every day, use the quilt cover to protect the quilt and the pillow, and often clean the quilt cover, and dry it in the sun for 15 minutes every day. Don't make a bed in the morning. People with asthma get up in the morning and don't shake the sheets. Always remove the quilt from the mattress and let the bed touch the air to remove moisture.

Down products should not be washed more than twice a year. Chemical fiber products can be washed at will. Putting a tennis ball during drying will help down. Before use, make sure that the down is completely dry, otherwise it will be mildew. Do not use vacuum cleaners or carpet beaters for down products, which will be harmful to the fluff. The well-maintained duvet can be used for more than 10 years, and the down pillow can be used for a long time. Its comfort and elasticity can last for 5 years.

If you only change the bedding seasonally, just put it in a breathable cotton storage bag when you change seasons. If stored in a box that is not permeable, the plastic bag will absorb moisture, causing the bedding to become moldy.

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