Into the rainy season, the weather is not suitable for painting the wet paint

Now materials and construction processes have been improved, and many responsible persons of the decoration company have stated that as long as relevant protective measures are taken, under the conditions of good moisture protection, the construction can be done with confidence without affecting the progress of the project and the quality of decoration.

First of all, in terms of material selection, especially when selecting wood products such as blockboards and plywood, it is best to select the “fresh” products that have recently been produced dated since most of the wood products are basically dried in the workshop. Plates with earlier production dates will absorb a certain amount of moisture during the rainy season, which will make the material moist and affect the decoration. In contrast, when choosing a wooden keel, it is better to choose a production date that is relatively early and has not been stored in the open air. This kind of keel will have a lower moisture content than that just processed.

Humid weather has a greater impact on paint painting. The surface of wood products will gather a layer of water vapor in the rainy day. If paint is applied at this time, the water vapor will be trapped in the paint film, making the surface of wood products cloudy and unclear. For example, nitrocellulose lacquer on rainy days will lead to uneven color, while brushing will cause whitening.

When the wooden doors and windows are formed but not painted (sprayed), the weights can be pressed against the flat for nearly one week, so that the structure of the doors or windows is basically stable, so that the wood products can be prevented from being deformed due to moisture.

Although the effect of rain on the wall paint latex paint is not too great, but it should also pay attention to extend the time after the first pass brushing the wall. In general, the normal interval is about 2 hours, and the rainy days can be extended according to the weather conditions. Scrape putty can be as early as possible, some processes need to have a dry process, such as the wall putty scraper above the wall, each time after a period of drying, each time you can dry again to dry again, encounter the rainy season is more difficult to dry. After a putty is finished, it is not uncommon for a week to dry. Therefore, during construction, this process should not be carried out when the project is nearing the end of the project. It is best to arrange it early so that the interval can be longer to allow it to dry and avoid yellowing and bubbling in the future.

Regardless of whether it is paving solid wood floors or composite floors, we should try not to paved the road on rainy days. When rainy days are renovated, the circuit arrangement must pay special attention, and more attention should be paid to the standardized operation of the circuit transformation.

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