Cabinet design details create your perfect kitchen

Although the design style of the cabinet is the framework that determines the whole, when designing the cabinets, as consumers, we must know the details of the design of the cabinet, because it is related to the convenience of use.

A, table height 80 - 85 cm;

B, the distance between the table and the bottom of the cabinet is 70 cm;

C, stove height should not exceed 75 cm;

D, the depth of the cabinet 30 - 40 cm;

E. Leave at least 90 centimeters of passage space, and crowd it if it is too small;

F, sink and stove spacing 80 - 100mm

Cupboard Villa Design Space Effect Picture Space

H135 A type CPE performance
Mainly used as the impact resistant modifier of PVC. At present, it takes 95% share of the impact resistant modifier market of domestic PVC. The additive shares of H135 A type CPE as the impact resistant modifier of PVC profile shapes is 9~ 12; the shares as the impact resistant modifier of PVC water feeding pipe and other liquid transfer pipe under pressure is 4~ 6; this can effectively improve the low temperature resistant impact property of PVC product. In addition, H135A type CPE is widely added into the products including PVC plate, sheet, calcium-plastic box, case of household appliances and electrical appliance fittings to improve the mechanical property and electrical property.
H135 A type CPE can be compatible and use with most plastics and rubbers simultaneously. The polymer cross blend system with bad compatibility can take CPE as bulk filler. The rubbers used together with CPE include caoutchouc, butadiene styrene rubber, ethylene propylene diene copolymer, polyurethane rubber, acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, neoprene and chlorosulfonated polyethylene etc. The plastics used together with CPE include PVC, PE, PP, EVA and PA etc, which greatly improve the low temperature resistant impact property and increase flame resistance, oil and aging resistance, corrosion resistance and insulatibity. This can make the plastic product have high filling property and reduce production cost.

Packing and Storage :

PP bags with PE film inside, Net Weight of 25 ± 0.2kg per bag ; as the viscoelastic and water absorption of CPE resin are strong, this product shall be stored in the dry and ventilated warehouse with stack height no more than 10 bags and avoid solarization, damp and takes strict precautions again stress. It is not dangerous cargo.


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