Emergency decontamination tips for cashmere products

Now that the weather is getting colder, the cleaning of winter clothing should also be carried out. We usually send them to the professional laundry for dry cleaning, especially soft gold cashmere, but there may be some embarrassment. For example, when cashmere clothes hit small stains when you are a guest, how to deal with them urgently?

·Coffee or black tea

Solution: Wipe off with a towel dampened with water. If you have a partner milk, wipe it with a small amount of detergent. If it has been stuck for a long time, wipe it with vinegar.

·ice cream

Solution: Wash the dry part with a small brush, then brush with a brush dampening agent (be careful not to brush the hair ball), and finally wipe the towel with water and wring it out.


Solution: First wipe gently with a cloth dampened with hot water, then wipe the residual grease with a lotion. If it can't be wiped off, try alcohol. When the dirt is cleaned, you should send it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.


Solution: After wiping with a thin paper, wipe the paper with vinegar repeatedly, or use oxalic acid.

· Lipstick, foundation

Solution: First wipe the test with a thin paper and remove it with a lotion. Because the lipstick will be rubbed more and more, people should carefully wipe from the outside to the inside.

·fruit juice

Solution: When you are just getting it, use a cloth dampened with warm water to wipe the test. If the stain remains, use a lotion to wipe the test.

·Liquor, perfume

Solution: To prevent spreading, first sprinkle some salt on top, then brush off with a soft brush, and finally wipe with a rag dampened with water or lotion or alcohol.


Solution: Wipe with paper and rub with hydrogen peroxide. Keep blood for too long and wipe off.

·Moldy, mud

Solution: After drying, use a brush to remove it and use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. Finally, completely remove it with alcohol and lotion.

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