How to choose the sleeping bag that suits you

Choosing a shared sleeping bag generally states that there are several issues to be aware of:

1, the size of the sleeping bag

The size of the sleeping bag is relatively fixed, and the size and size difference is not big. The length of the adult sleeping bag is generally 210-235cm, the upper and lower sides of the envelope are 80cm, the inexplicable is generally 75-80cm wide, and the special type is 85cm. The width is generally 55cm. The size of the sleeping bag should be based on the user's height and body circumference. The total length of the sleeping bag should be longer than the user's height of 40-50cm. The width should be based on the user's body shape. The thinner can be 75cm. Not less than 80cm wide, obese people can choose 85cm width.

2, choose the temperature range of the sleeping bag

The most critical problem in choosing a sleeping bag is to choose a suitable temperature scale based on the environment and your own cold resistance. The standard sleeping bag generally has four different temperature indexes, indicating the applicable range of the sleeping bag, and the four temperature scales respectively indicate:

A, comfortable temperature: indicate the maximum temperature that can be used in sleeping bags. At this temperature, you will not be hot like a sauna.

B. Target temperature: It means the upper limit of the design temperature of the sleeping bag. You will feel comfortable using it at this temperature, but this temperature will vary from person to person by 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

C. Extreme temperature: It means the lower limit of the design temperature of the sleeping bag. At this temperature, you may feel uncomfortable, but you can enter the sleeping bag safely wearing warm clothes.

D. Dangerous temperature: Using this sleeping bag at this temperature can pose a threat to your health. It must be unusable and should be worn with all warm clothing.

3. Confirm the material and performance of the sleeping bag

At present, there are two main types of filling materials for sleeping bags on the market: one is down and the other is nitrile.

Down can be divided into low-grade sleeping bags and high-grade sleeping bags. Generally, the amount of cashmere exceeding 80% can be classified into a high-velvet sleeping bag, and the following is a low-lining sleeping bag. The advantages of the down sleeping bag are that it has good compressibility, good warmth, light weight and small volume. However, since the down is kept warm by expansion, it is not ideal to use the medium pressure to keep warm under the body, and it needs to be equipped with high-grade moisture-proof pad when using. Nitrile cotton sleeping bags vary greatly depending on the type of cotton. At present, the nitrile cotton sleeping bag filling materials on the market include sprayed cotton, silicon-containing cotton, imitation silk cotton, DuPont cotton, and Plaka 3D cotton. Taking 300 g/m2 as an example, the thermal insulation index of the sprayed cotton, the target temperature is about 5 degrees, the imitation silk is about -5 degrees, and the Plaka 3D cotton can reach the target temperature of -12 degrees. High-grade sleeping bags are generally marked with filling materials, while low-grade sleeping bags are less marked. The advantage of the nitrile cotton sleeping bag is that it is not easy to get wet, and the quality of the nitrile cotton is also very good, but the compression is generally less.

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