Intersection video surveillance purchase considerations [Full text]

Cameras located at road junctions often have a number of roles, with a wide range of monitoring and a wide field of vision. According to the actual needs of high-definition video surveillance of urban roads, the following suggestions can be referred to when selecting cameras:

1, using CCD sensors. Currently, in the CMOS technology is not very mature, compared CCD and CMOS two kinds of photosensitive chips, CCD sensor in the sensitivity, resolution, noise control, high-quality image output, dynamic image performance is better than CMOS. Especially in the case of poor lighting conditions in urban roads at night, the imaging effect of CCD cameras is better than that of CMOS cameras. Therefore, it is recommended that CCDs be used as the photosensitive chips for high-definition cameras.

2. In order to meet the needs of all-weather security surveillance, the camera should have a low-illumination function so that it can obtain clearer video images in evening and nighttime environments with low illumination.

3, high-definition video surveillance needs to achieve 720P/1080P resolution, progressive scan, the maximum frame rate should reach 25 frames / sec to ensure the smoothness of the video surveillance.

4. High-definition image transmission interface adopts HD-SDI interface that conforms to the standard of broadcasting and television, and supports high-speed transmission of uncompressed video images. HD-SDI optical transceivers are used between HD digital cameras and HD encoding arrays to transmit uncompressed video images through optical fibers to ensure The high definition, low delay of the image, transmission without attenuation, and interference are eliminated, and outdoor surveillance video images are also protected from lightning strikes.

5, high-definition digital camera should have a high signal to noise ratio, high dynamic range, so as to ensure the quality of the image signal in different environments.

6, with automatic shutter, automatic gain, automatic white balance and other image preprocessing functions.

7, support for automatic iris lens, with a variety of zoom range electric lens to achieve different monitoring distance and range requirements.

8, support 485 communication agreement, can carry on the long-distance online upgrade to the camera, meet the special application environment to change the requirement of the parameter.

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