Shanghai Documentary Photographic Service Contract (2006 Edition) Demonstration Text

Sample text (2006 edition)
Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce
Shanghai Photographic Association
Shanghai documentary photography service contract

Contract No:

Receiver (Party A):

Service provider (Party B):

In accordance with the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws and regulations, both parties have signed this contract in agreement.

In order to confirm the contract details, please click inside the box before selecting the item. Please vacate the content.

The first service item

Party B provides the photographer's name and provides a documentary photography service in the form of digital photography and film photography at the wedding, meetings and gatherings held by Party A.

(â–¡Yes/â–¡No) Post production is required.

Article 2 Service Standards and Requirements

(1) The photographer who provides the service should have the following conditions:

Photographer name contact phone number.

(b) Service requirements

â–¡ Digital Photography Requirements:

(1) Use single-lens reflex series and shoot with a digital camera of 5 million pixels or more;

(2) In service hours, taking digital images shall not be less than

The effective pixels of the original image file should not be less than ×;

The image file format is â–¡ RAW â–¡ TIFF â–¡ JPEG â–¡ others;

(3) Image output method:

â–¡ silver salt paper printing â–¡ inkjet printing â–¡ ;

(4) All original image files should be burned to digital discs.

â–¡ Film Photography Requirements:

(1) Shoot with a single-lens reflex camera;

(2) During the service hours, use the brand, â–¡ 135 â–¡ 120 film, volume is volume;

â–¡ Other shooting requirements.

â–¡ Post-production requirements:

â–¡ electronic album: selected photos made â–¡ VCD â–¡ DVD electronic album discs;

The brand that burns discs or other burning media.

â–¡Printing: Photo paper use brand, â–¡ smooth surface â–¡ suede; photo paper size.

Article 3 Party A (â–¡Yes/â–¡No) The main work in the permitted service project is completed by a third party. Work that can be done by a third person

Article 4 delivery time

The delivery time of the photographic product is from year to month day to year, month, and day.

Article 5 Service Period

(a) The time taken by Party B for providing photography services is hours;

Shooting start date, month, day, hour;

Shoot the starting point.

(2) The deadline for the completion of all services by Party B before the date of the year.

Article 6 Compensation

The remuneration to be paid by Party A to Party B is RMB (capital) yuan, which is (lowercase) yuan.

If Party A requests to extend the shooting time in accordance with the provisions of Article 6(1) of this contract, it will additionally pay RMB/hour for the shooting service fee. (less than one hour in minutes)

Article 7 Settlement Method and Term

(1) Settlement method: Party A can make payment through the following methods (multiple choices)

â–¡ Cash â–¡ Bank Card â–¡ Check â–¡ Others:

(b) Payment deadline

Phase I: % of Party B's compensation paid to Party B on the date of signing this contract;

The second period: Party A paid the yuan to Party B a few days ago;

The third period: Party A paid Yuan to Party B a few days ago;

Article 8 Other Conventions

(1) If Party A needs to change the shooting time, Party A shall notify Party B in writing seven days in advance.

(2) Party A shall provide the activity flow in advance and indicate the necessary scenes as an attachment to this contract.

(3) If Party A fails to receive the finished product within six months of the agreed date, Party B shall not be responsible for safekeeping, but it shall be properly handled.

(4) To provide Party A with the activity flow and indicate the necessary scenes, Party B shall follow the entire service. After the completion of the contract, Party B only has the right of authorship for the photographic works. For other rights in the copyright, Party B must exercise Party A's written consent.

(5) If Party B retains original image files or copies, it must be properly kept and may not be provided to third parties.

(6) Party B must keep Party A's trade secrets or privacy informed by the performance of this contract.

(7) The manufactured VCD or DVD video disc format shall be compatible with CD-R and DVD±R playback devices.

Article 9 Liability for Breach of Contract

(1) If Party A alters or terminates the contract without authorization or exceeds the agreed payment deadline, Party B shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without paying the remuneration payable for the first period; Party A may also require Party A to assume the liability for breach of contract, and the breach of contract is serviceable. The payment is paid in %.

(2) If Party A pays the service remuneration within the agreed payment term, it shall bear the liability for breach of the overdue payment, and the breach of contract shall be paid as 10,000 per day.

(3) After Party B exercises the unilateral right of cancellation, Party B shall destroy the film, digital film and finished product in a reasonable manner.

(4) If Party B alters or terminates this contract without authorization, Party B shall return all the money it has collected to Party A. The breach of contract shall be paid in % of the service fee; Party B shall cancel the contract without authorization within 7 days prior to the agreed shooting start time. Party A shall bear the liability for compensation, and the amount of compensation shall be double the service remuneration agreed in the contract, namely RMB yuan.

(5) The finished product produced by Party B lacks the agreed must-have scene, and compensation shall be made for each scene element.

(6) The photographers contracted by the contract cannot complete the photography documentary service at the appointed time. Party B shall promptly notify Party A and shall be obliged to recommend to Party A other photographers whose occupational level or technical level is equivalent. Party A has the right to unilaterally terminate this contract. At the same time, Party A may request Party B to pay the penalty fee RMB.

(7) In the film photography of Party B (based on 36 sheets/volume), the percentage of allowed film fragments (image blur, underexposure, or excessive image quality, and empty lens) is allowed to be %. Five times the number of sheets of compensation film (less than one roll per roll), and bear the cost of printing.

(8) When Party B handles the processing of the captured image, causing the image to be completely lost, Party B shall be responsible for returning all service remuneration, and shall pay Party A the compensation in peculiarity to the service remuneration, ie RMB yuan; if the image is partially lost, the lost part will be refunded. The compensation shall be paid to Party A in the proportion of the above compensation.

(9) Party B must assume joint and several liability for Party A by infringing Party A's portrait right and privacy right by using its position.

Article 10 Dispute Resolution

The dispute arising from this contract shall be settled by the parties themselves or be applied for mediation to the relevant industry association or consumer rights protection committee.

If the parties are unwilling to negotiate or mediate, or if consultations or mediation fail, they shall be resolved in the following manner:

1. Apply to Shanghai Arbitration Commission for arbitration;

2. Prosecuted to the people's court.

Article 11 This contract shall become effective on the date of signature or seal of both parties.

This contract is in one copy, and Party A and Party B each hold one copy.

Party A (signature): Party B (signature):

Legal representative (responsible person): Legal representative (responsible person):

Address: Address:

Contact address: Contact address:

Telephone: Telephone:

Date: Year Month Day Date: Year Month Day

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