New Year's home decoration is alert to four major problems

Faster than the holidays, many owners have planned to start renovations, and they are worried that the annual renovation project is prone to quality problems, so they are hesitant in the renovation time. Industry experts said that in fact, the renovation of the New Year is normal, consumers do not have to worry if they grasp the following items.

Experts reminded some owners who are worried about the festival, the Spring Festival can also be renovated, and the "cross-year" decoration is more conducive to the progress of the renovation after the year.

The average family is willing to pack up before the Spring Festival, and the renovation of the new house is normal. At the same time, there are still many advantages in this period of decoration, because the air before and after the Spring Festival is relatively dry, the plates can be fully air-dried, the wooden materials are not easy to shrink and deform, and the wall coatings are also easy to air dry. If it is until March to May, it is just the rainy season, the air becomes damp, and the decoration materials and construction quality are difficult to achieve the effect during the Spring Festival. In addition, experts also believe that if the owners do not travel during the Spring Festival holiday, they will have more free time to pay attention to and participate in the creation of warm home.

However, despite so many benefits, there are special considerations for renovations during this period:

First, the renovation unit should be well off. It is more important to choose a construction unit with hard materials during the Spring Festival than usual. Experts pointed out that there are many sequelae in the decoration that are caused by the lack of strictness in the decoration materials. However, the brand construction units with good strength, good reputation and good service are more professional and in place in this respect. The owners need to be cautious when choosing.

Second, the industry mainly tries to ask about the variety, specifications and construction process of construction materials.

For example, the moisture content of the selected wood may have hidden dangers. Because the seasons are alternating before and after the Spring Festival, the climate difference is large, and the air humidity changes are also obvious. Therefore, the processing of the process is more important than usual.

Third, to find out whether the after-sales service can be in place is also very important for the owners who make renovations throughout the year. The Spring Festival holiday arrangements vary from team to team. Many construction team workers have a 10-day to a half-month holiday. Therefore, the owner must write the negotiated "cross-year" renovation items into the contract.

Fourth, during the renovation and shutdown, the industry mainly pays attention to turning off the power supply and removing the flammable and explosive materials such as paint. Don't care about the details: pay attention to closing the window when it rains; pay attention to ventilation when it is fine. According to the situation of each family, master the characteristics of the "cross-year" decoration, I believe that a new home will be displayed in front of you soon after the year.

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