Integrated ceiling installation method experts teach you how to decorate small common sense

Integrated ceiling installation method, integrated ceiling has become the mainstream of bathroom and kitchen ceiling, integrated ceiling should be tailored according to the needs of home improvement, it is necessary to understand the integrated ceiling installation method.

Step 1: Prepare the ceiling material

In order to facilitate the installation of new electrical modules, when choosing aluminum stencil ceiling, the size can generally be selected from 300mm×300mm, 300mm×450mm, 600mm×600mm. (Reston’s recently launched “New Baroque” series has 350mm×350mm, etc. A variety of specifications). In addition, the relevant keel materials, namely triangular slings made of Galvanized Steel, light steel keels and triangular keels, trimming strips, etc., should be selected, which are available at the decorative materials market or at the Reston store.

Tip: If you have a standard ceiling in your home, you can go directly to step three.

The difference between aluminum gusset ceilings is relatively large, and the low-end products are about 50 yuan/square meter. The high-end brands or imported products generally have higher hardness and higher quality. The unit price is naturally higher than the price. Consumers can use their own Economic strength choice. Of course, some products are available for quotation packages, some are not included, and consumers also need to choose.

Step 2: Install the ceiling

1. First pull the horizontal line in the place where the ceiling is ready to be installed, and hang the light steel keel;

2. The special triangular card code is buckled into the triangle keel, according to the square plate of the installed square plate (the triangular keel only needs one-way, the horizontal is not used);

3. After the keel is installed, press the aluminum gusset ceiling directly into the triangle joint.

Tip: When installing the aluminum gusset plate, pay attention to the direction of the gusset fold with small pits to be inserted into the triangular groin, without the hem in the direction of the pit, a little pressure, to achieve a compact and seamless effect.

Step 3: Select the electrical module

According to the needs of different functional areas of the bathroom space and their own preferences, arbitrarily choose electrical modules, select these electrical modules, these can generally be matched in the decorative materials market, Reston integrated ceiling store has a clerk professional guidance ceiling ceiling The shackle electrical appliance is equipped with professional services for consumers. An optional heating module is arranged above the bathing area, a ventilation module is installed above the toilet, a lighting module is installed in the center of the bathroom, and a spotlight module is installed above the wash basin and the vanity mirror.

Tips: Some well-known companies provide integrated services for design and installation. Consumers can even eliminate the process of installing ceilings. Consumers can tell the designer the requirements and design them by the designer. After purchasing the product, the professional installation workers come to the door and install it free of charge according to the design drawings.

The general electrical module includes a lighting module, a ventilation fan module, a lamp warming module (bathroom), a wind heating module, and carbon fiber. In addition, some companies offer integrated services. In addition, Reston Electric Appliance is guaranteed for two years, while the average manufacturer is for one year. This is the guarantee of confidence, the brand promises! Lamps, electronic ballasts, red UV bulbs, motors, heating plates, heating pipes, etc. need to be replaced with old ones. All products sold are subject to maintenance system, which exceeds the warranty period and collects maintenance and parts costs according to the state.

It is worth noting that some of the miscellaneous products are produced by OEM (applying their own brand logo on other companies' production products). Because the price of the product is relatively low, in order to reduce the cost, many electrical materials are derived from low-end manufacturers, so they often cannot adapt to the humid environment of the bathroom. Their safety, heating effect and service life are worrying. It is recommended that consumers try not to be greedy. Buy this type of product cheaply.

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