How regional flooring brands go to the country

How regional flooring brands go to the country When the flooring brand transitions across the country, it not only faces the challenges of products, innovation, channels, marketing, etc. For the wood flooring industry, there are also logistics limitations. Then, how can the regional brand achieve transformation and upgrading from "snakes" to "dragons"?

Market upgrade In fact, the success of a brand is only satisfied with the success of the region can not be regarded as successful, so for the area of ​​floor brands, it already has a certain market base, and in the regional market has a certain brand influence, towards A new sales ladder will soon be escalated. At this time, with the replication of key areas, national expansion will become more and more important. Flooring companies should establish a set of models that can be duplicated across the country in combination with product features and corporate characteristics.

Brand upgrading Brand upgrading is a transformation of flooring companies from the inside out, it is not a design, one or two advertising, two or three activities can be completed, but the company in the comprehensive consideration of the brand's connotation of the premise, used A set of system strategies. First of all, we must protect brand equity. Brand equity is an important intangible asset of an enterprise, which enables it to maintain its continuous competitiveness and provide guarantees for its long-term development. Second, brand upgrades can break through a single type of product, linking the brand to more products. It can be independent of the product when it undergoes cyclical changes in the market economy and life cycle. The brand has its own life history and will not die due to the product life cycle.

Marketing Upgrade In the era of marketing success, if companies do not have marketing innovation, it is difficult to win. The old way can't solve new problems, and the way of thinking determines the way out! If the company wants to become bigger and bigger, only the marketing means will be upgraded, and then the market and brand will be further enlarged.

Upgrading Communication At present, many regional strong brands tend to relax their communication plans and cannot open up the gap with the competing brands. This is an important factor that has not allowed them to go anywhere. The continuous promotion of communication and the avoidance of brand homogeneity to maintain brand potential are the key to the continued growth of regional brands. Because even the best products and concepts must rely on excellent communication, good communication can make every effort.

The path of local floor brands to the nation is not unique, but it cannot be copied. The most important thing is to use the brand and cultural considerations of floor companies to create a route that is suitable for them.

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