Air conditioning fan use 4 attention

Of course, experts also stressed that if considering the price, energy saving and many other factors, air-conditioning fans will still occupy a certain market space. When using, as long as attention to dehumidification, cleaning, you can rely on it "healthy" summer: First, when watering the water cooling device, use pure water as much as possible. Purified water has high purity and low bacteria, which can reduce the growth of bacteria during condensation. The water in the sink should be added frequently to keep it at a safe level, and it should be replaced regularly.

Second, after long-term operation of the air-conditioning fan, due to the blockage of dust and dirt, it will affect the air volume and cooling effect of the filter screen and air curtain. Therefore, it is best to clean it every two weeks.

Third, when using air-conditioning fans, the distance should not be too close, should maintain air circulation and humidity balance. If necessary, consider using some desiccant or dehumidification equipment.

Fourth, in addition, when buying air-conditioning fans, pay special attention to safety issues. When purchasing an air conditioner fan that needs to be added with cold water, the sink should be checked again and again to ensure that the fan does not leak. Air-conditioning fans that have just been purchased or deactivated for a long time must be filled with clean water before use. The water level can be observed by the water mark to control the amount of water added. Also, remember to unplug the power cord before adding water.

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