Failure of pneumatic hoist parts

Some of the failures of pneumatic hoist parts are as follows:

1. The main types of wear of pneumatic hoist parts are: friction and wear of pneumatic hoist, abrasive wear, adhesive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear and corrosion wear. The most common is mechanical friction and wear, due to the microscopic unevenness of the surface, the peaks and valleys meshing and flattening, or the plastic deformation of the peaks to flatten out. Expressed as changes in size, shape, and volume.

2. Fracture of pneumatic hoist parts is one of the main forms of component failure, and fracture often has serious consequences. In addition, with the high parameterization of cranes, such as increased power, large capacity, ultra-high speed, ultra-low temperature, and ultra-high temperature, the probability of fracture failure has increased.

3, the deformation of pneumatic hoist parts: Pneumatic hoist in the work of stress or natural stress deformation phenomenon is widespread, but the excessive deformation will cause the failure of the parts, such as can not afford the required load, can not play the prescribed role, Interference with the operation of other parts.

4. Corrosion of pneumatic hoist parts: under the influence of the surrounding medium, the chemical or electrochemical reaction-based wear on the surface of the pneumatic hoist parts is called corrosion wear. It accompanies, interferes with, and expands with other forms of wear, and can have serious consequences, especially in hot and humid environments.

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