Sandstone use


Sandstone is the most widely used type of building stone. The buildings decorated with sandstone hundreds of years ago still have the charm, such as Notre Dame, Sandstone Louvre, British Royal Palace, US Congress, Harvard University, etc. The noble and elegant temperament of sandstone and its hard texture have made the world A wonderful flower in the history of architecture. Sandstone, a natural building material in recent years, has been promoted by fashion and natural architects for a wide range of applications in business and home décor.

Australian sandstone

At present, Australian sandstone, Indian sandstone, Spanish sandstone and Chinese sandstone have been exploited in the world. Among them, the colors and patterns that are most popular among architects are Australian sandstone. Australian sandstone is an ecological and environmentally friendly stone. Its products are characterized by no pollution, no radiation, no reflection, no weathering, no discoloration, heat absorption, heat preservation and anti-skid.


Products include sandstone round sculptures, embossed murals, carved flower boards, art flower pots, sculpture fountains, style fireplaces, Roman columns, door and window sets, lines, frames, lighting, panels, beams, home accessories, environmental sculptures; architectural detail sculptures, Garden sculptures, campus sculptures, abstract sculptures, celebrity sculptures, European-style components, sandstone panels, hollow columns, openwork panels, molded rockeries, landscape sculptures (decorative sculptures, water sculptures). All products can be arbitrarily colored, painted, polished, and gold-plated according to requirements; and the surface of the work can be rough, delicate, cracked, natural cracks and other real stone effects through technical treatment. The main production colors are yellow sandstone, white sandstone and red sandstone. Handmade, wear-resistant, durable and beautiful to use. The product is completely synthetic of inorganic materials and belongs to green environmental protection products.

Pre-painted Steel Coil

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