Screw vacuum pump in the pharmaceutical industry typical application

I pharmaceutical factory, the main production Ve, Va products. 201,203 workshop extensive use of Roots water ring vacuum unit. Namely: ZJP2500 / ZJP1200 / ZJP600 / 2SK-12 vacuum unit, in the production process, the system is best for the vacuum of about 38Pa, the whole unit power is: 22kw +11 kw +7.5 kw +22 kw = 62.5kw, Taizhou Star vacuum production Roots screw vacuum unit. Namely: ZJP1200 / ZJP600 / LG150 vacuum unit. The same system, in the production process, the system is best for the vacuum 13Pa, the whole unit power is: 11kw +7.5 kw +15 kw = 33.5kw, the comparison of the two units are as follows: Unit Model Unit Power Working Vacuum ZJP2500 / ZJP1200 / ZJP600 / 2SK-12 62.5kw 38Pa ZJP1200 / ZJP600 / LG-150 33.5kw 13Pa 1) As a single set of units to reduce 29kw, according to annual production of 10 months of continuous calculation, can save electricity: 29kw × 24 hours × 30 days × October × 1 yuan / degree = 208800 yuan. 2) Since the original system vacuum is not high enough, to raise the heating temperature. Now the system is better vacuum, you can increase the amount of input, increase monthly output, product yield also increased, which brings considerable economic benefits for the company. 3) The original 2SK-12 water ring pump, the system out of a small amount of material discharged together with the water, water consumption, water pollution, water treatment costs. LG150 screw pump without sewage discharge, exhaust equipped with liquid gas separation device can be recycled part of the material, while the screw pump itself corrosion-resistant, acid and base gases can be pumped and a large number of water vapor and dust gas. 4) Roots screw vacuum unit is very smooth and reliable operation, low maintenance, easy maintenance, pharmaceutical, chemical, product distillation ideal suction equipment should be vigorously promoted.

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