Pesticide configuration method

According to the China Pesticide Network , the pesticides are different and the preparation methods are different. The following are the specifics:
First, the dilution of liquid pesticides: when the amount of liquid is small, you can directly dilute. Prepare the required water in the prepared dispensing container, then gradually pour the metered amount into the water and mix gently with a wooden stick. When it is necessary to prepare more doses, it is best to adopt a two-step preparation method, that is, to prepare the mother liquor with a small amount of water to prepare a mother liquor, and then to prepare the mother liquor into a clean water prepared by dilution, and thoroughly mix well. Can be used.
2. Dilution of wettable powder: A two-step preparation method should be used, that is, a relatively thick mother liquid is prepared with a small amount of water, and then poured into a container containing water for final dilution. However, it should be noted that the amount of water required for the two-step preparation is equal to the theoretical water consumption.
Third, the dilution of powder pesticides: mainly by using fillers for dilution. First take the plant ash, rice bran, dry fine mud, etc., then mix the required powder pesticides into the mixture and add them repeatedly until the desired multiple is reached.
4. Dilution of granule pesticide: mix with appropriate filler; when it is diluted, dry sand or neutral fertilizer can be used as a filler to stir well.
Second, we must do "six do not."
First, do not use sewage to dispense drugs: there are many impurities in the sewage, it is easy to block the nozzle when dispensing, and it will also destroy the suspension of the drug and cause precipitation.
Second, do not use well water to dispense medicine : well water contains more minerals, these minerals and pesticides are easy to produce chemical effects, forming a precipitate, reducing the efficacy. It is best to dispense with clean river water.
Third, do not spray in the rainy days and the scorching sun: scraping phoenix spray will make pesticide powder and liquid medicine drift; spray spray on rainy days, powder and liquid are easy to be washed, reduce the efficacy; sun spray, plant metabolism, leaves The stomata are open and prone to phytotoxicity. The best spraying time is 8-10 am and 3-6 pm.
Fourth, do not abuse the drug: according to the variety of crops, control objects and the performance of the drug and the corresponding pesticides, truly the right medicine. Abuse of pesticides often causes phytotoxicity.
5. Do not spray at the flowering stage: the flowering period and young fruit stage of crops and fruit trees, the tissue is young, the disease resistance is weak, and it is prone to phytotoxicity. It should be sprayed after flowering and young fruit.
Sixth, do not use a single drug: commonly used a pesticide is easy to make pests resistant, reduce the control effect, should use different pesticides.
In addition, the China Pesticide Network also specifically reminded that if you are not sure about some details, you can ask local agricultural technicians, don't imagine it.

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