What is the reason why home improvement is "black decoration"?

What is the reason why home improvement is "black decoration"? Recently, Ms. Du Weifang’s home improvement was “black-decorated”. Since July 6, 2012, Ms. Du signed a two-month home improvement contract with Yifeng Decoration Company in Weicheng District of Weifang City. Now her house has not been renovated. What is the reason that the two-month renovation project has not been completed after eight months?

The owner responded that the two-month renovation project was still not completed on the 21st of the 21st. The reporter got in touch with Ms. Du. In the communication, the reporter learned that on July 6, 2012, Ms. Du, who lives in Weicheng District of Weifang City, and Rongcheng District Yifeng Decoration Company signed a two-month home improvement contract, and the two parties agreed to deliver the decoration money in three installments. After Ms. Du handed over the first period of renovation money, the decoration company started “cosmetic plastic surgery” on Ms. Du’s house.

"The first phase of the renovation project is still of good quality. After I hand over the second decoration to Yifeng Decoration (about 90% of the total amount), the second phase of the renovation project will not start long before. The unilateral suspension of work, the time of work stoppage was last October, the time has exceeded the expected completion time (the expected completion time is September).About the reasons for the suspension of work, the decoration company gave me the answer is to pay off the money and then give me decoration, According to the contract, the payment shall be delivered within three days after the acceptance of the decoration is completed.” During the interview, Ms. Du reluctantly told reporters.

When asked what quality problems appeared in the renovation, Ms. Du said: “The decoration quality of the second period was very unsatisfactory, and my house was full of miserable. The window was of poor quality and had a big seam. The gap between the window and the window frame was close to 3 -5 cm; The designer designed the design of the door as white door covers, brown doors, all-in-one brown doors and doors in the house, making the overall style unreliable, not at all; at the verandah, the decoration company gave After picking up a faucet (faucet decoration effect drawing), the wall of my home, which had just been painted, was covered with water, and the water was leaking downstairs and the basement of the downstairs was soaked. The most exasperating is the balcony (bathroom decoration renderings), after two weeks, the balcony is plastered with tiles and cracks begin to appear. Now that the ceiling has dropped out of seventy-seven, the balcony windows and floor tiles are broken; balcony When the sliding door is pulled, it's just a big bump. Yifeng said that the exchange can be unsuccessful; the bathroom set of a 3,000 yuan toilet toilet (mirror decoration renderings), vanity mirror is not the model I want, I Well give back, and so far these two peaks money benefits the company has not returned to me ....... "

Renovation company attitude: the end of the money is not less money to carry out the renovation In order to further understand the causes and events of the incident, the reporter has repeatedly called Weifang Yicheng decoration company's phone to contact them, but every time the phone is always without People answered that, as of press time before the press release, all telephone calls made by the reporter to Yifeng Decoration Company were not answered.

Through other investigations, the reporter learned that Sun Feng, the designer of Yifeng Decoration Company, had stated the reasons for the suspension of work when interviewed by local Weifang media. The designer of the company said that the reason for the shutdown was because the decoration company itself was losing money. Without giving up the money, they have no money to continue to decorate her. In an in-depth investigation by local media reporters in Weifang, Sun designers said the real reason for the suspension: “At present, in Weifang, it is really difficult to recover the end-of-sale repairs. In general, we have little pressure on the last payment, and we can't close it at the end. Even if it comes back, her final payment is 8,000 yuan, which is why we are afraid that this end will not be received, so we will stop the renovation.” Sun designers of the company said when they were interviewed by local media.

As for the problem of the suspension of construction due to the incomplete payment, Ms. Du said: “20% of the renovation projects have not been completed. How can I give them the final payment? I refuse to deliver the final payment in advance. The first is that Yifeng Decoration Company does not comply with the contract. The appointed date delayed the construction period. As a result, the renovation project is still not finished. It is not easy for the people to buy a house. Now it can't be seen. It really makes people angry. The second is that my decoration rights cannot be guaranteed. Yifeng Decoration Company does not press The contract stipulated that early breach of contract should be paid in due course. During the renovation process, cutting corners and materials, resulting in various quality problems in the decoration, and even affecting other owners. They did not dare me to pay them in advance.

According to the government’s relevant departments, it is difficult to supervise the decoration company’s unregistered company. To further understand the progress and handling of the incident, the reporter contacted the staff of the Rongcheng District renovation office. During the interview, the staff of the renovation office stated: “According to the normal procedure, each A decoration company should handle the qualifications of the home improvement industry. Only with the qualifications of the industry can decoration projects such as home improvement be done. The Yifeng decoration company has not registered in our decoration office to handle the relevant procedures, and has not obtained qualifications for renovation construction. There is no qualification. It is difficult to supervise them.” In an in-depth investigation, the reporter learned that in Yicheng District, decoration companies such as Yifeng Decoration, which did not obtain fitting qualifications, carried out renovation works, and the number was even as high as 90% of the total number of decoration companies. Around, but all decoration companies have obtained the business license granted by the administrative department of industry and commerce. It is understood that, according to the provisions of the home improvement industry, decoration companies should obtain industry qualifications within one year after obtaining industrial and commercial qualifications, but most of the decoration companies do not apply for industry qualifications. This kind of construction without qualifications has started renovation work is common.

For the qualifications, the staff of the Furong renovation office stated that the qualifications of the home improvement are not difficult to handle and the requirements are relatively simple, but most of the decoration companies do not handle the qualification of the industry. When asked why the decoration company did not handle the reasons for the industry qualifications, the staff of the renovation office told reporters: "The fundamental reason is that the "interests" are the two words. The important reason for the confusion in the decoration market is that the home improvement industry involves property companies. The poor management of the property company caused confusion in the home improvement market. As long as the property company received the management fee, they would no longer manage the decoration company. It was precisely because of the promotion of the residential property that many decoration companies would not buy our supervision. The account of the department had problems and the property was not managed, and we were unable to form an effective supervision over the decoration company, which led to the current chaos of decoration and it was difficult for us to protect the rights and interests of the residents."

Lawyers’ advice: Solve the problem by closing the decoration as soon as possible. The reporter consulted several lawyers on the Internet. They all stated that the responsibility belongs to Yifeng decoration company. It was Yifeng decoration company that did not fulfill its contractual responsibilities. On the one hand, it tore up the contract and caused the renovation to be suspended. As a result, Ms. Du’s house has not been able to complete the renovation so far and cannot be accommodated. From a legal point of view, Ms. Du can use legal weapons to safeguard her rights and interests.

It is understood that after encountering "black decoration", Ms. Du also thought of protecting her rights through legal channels. Taking into account other factors, Ms. Du has not yet sued Yifeng Decoration Company. "Actually, I would have wanted to go to court. I was given a statement by Yifeng Company through legal channels. Then I thought about it. I would temporarily hold the lawsuit against them. If I can reconcile, I must reconcile them as much as possible. Deal with it, and then finish the renovation of the house as soon as possible, so that I will give them the last paragraph in full. "" Through the media exposure, give Yifeng some ** pressure, they do not always a 'dead pig is not afraid of boiling water hot' The attitude has never been coordinated and linked with me. This time, with the help of the 3?15 spring breeze, I also hope that the relevant departments can intervene and help me solve the decoration problems that I encountered so that the house can be renovated as soon as possible as soon as possible.” Ms. Tu Told reporters.

In addition, the reporter also learned that regarding the decoration disputes between Ms. Du and Yifeng Decorating Company, there have been many media reports such as “Qilu Evening News” and “Weifang Evening News”, but Yifeng Decoration Company has never been with Ms. Du. Renovate the problem and communicate with each other to discuss further decoration issues. In the case of Ms. Du’s initiative to contact him, Yifeng Decoration Company even spoke of the words “the media reports do not affect our work, we are still alive” and put a bad attitude of not solving the problem. Regarding Ms. Du’s renovation problems, Qilu.com’s reporter appealed to the majority of netizens to carefully choose home improvement companies in their home improvement projects in order to eliminate the same problems of decoration as Miss Du’s.

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